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Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale from Slayy Point share what goes on behind the blinds of their channel and how they hit a million subscribers before the age of 21.

The fun videos on millennial-friendly topics garner an average of two million views at least. Their light-hearted videos give you a break from the cringe-worthy content on the internet, and this interview gives you the know-how of the making of this channel.

Who are we?

We are Slayy Point, two best friends on a journey to create the freshest, quirkiest videos laced with our passion for content creation.

Our journey

We began shortly after our 12th boards, made great use of our vacation to build what we have today. Started off like a cricket commentary/predictions + vox-pop channel but quickly moved to movie analysis as our main genre, although the movie hype got us loads of views, sometimes clocking up to 4M views, however, we did not enjoy the genre.

We’d spent around a year making videos and YouTube, understanding the platform and monitoring others’ content, which made our present style of social commentary videos come naturally to us, and the rest is history. We’ve recently completed our graduation with good grades & are about to hit a million subscribers.

What’s in the name? 

Our brand name was based on a cricket fielding position but had to be modified to Slayy Point to fit our new genre of satirical comedy. It doesn’t actually have a deep meaning.

Our mission statement 

Our mission is to mainly entertain Gen-Z and Gen-Y youngsters who are tech-savvy digital citizens who are always open to new brands, apps, logical satire, and ideas.

We create content for? 

Millennials & anyone in the age range of 13-27 who’s fed up of cringe on the internet & wants better online behavior from netizens, or just a good gag.

We work with

Hike Messenger, GoNoise, Tinder, Excel Entertainment, B612, & many more.

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We are proud of 

We’re incredibly proud of 

-Silly Unboxing & Reviews-


-This is Why Foreigners Love Indians-

-Why Bollywood Reaction Channels Suck-

The above two videos came to us so naturally and we enjoyed creating those from our hearts, we’re best known for these two videos, it helped us win a lot of hearts and also the appreciation from many successful YouTubers. The third video was our foray/debut into the comedy genre and a cause we deeply felt for at the time, thanks to our subscribers understanding our decision to change content and supporting us on this first comedy video, we are what we are today.

Our WTF moment 

When we were so shy at social gatherings that we ended up creating misunderstandings, people couldn’t believe their favorite comedians were so quiet, (embarrassing af), thankfully things have changed for the better!

Stay tuned for...

We like to play the game one video at a time, but our long term goal is to be the face of comedy content among youngsters.

Are, you hiring?

Not open to hiring just yet.

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