Street Dancer 3D movie marketing strategy – A groovy affair

Street Dance 3D FI

A look at Street Dancer 3D movie marketing strategy reveals how the makers worked the dance angle through UGC.

Street Dancer 3d hit the screens on 24th January 2020. Directed by Remo D’Souza, the story of Street Dancer revolves around two rival dance groups parted yet united by the hunger for the same cause. Here’s the Street Dancer 3d movie marketing strategy where the stars jump on the social media bandwagon with many interesting moves.

Street Dancer 3D movie marketing strategy

Shoutout to Millennials

Street Dancer 3 has an independent Instagram channel from the very beginning. The handle has 21k followers as of now.

The makers shared Street Dancer 3d announcement on January 8, 2019 with an article on the movie hitting the floor. Several leading news images from Print were posted on Instagram for the digital-savvy audience

In-line with the digital trends, social media posts for Street Dancer 3D focussed on dynamic video ads on social media channels. For static posts, the marketers focussed on energetic colors in tandem to the theme of the film.

Posters’ Display

To keep the buzz alive, the marketers shared an of posters. With the ‘battle of the dance’ as the core-focus, the posts encapsulated the spirit and the energy of the film.

Behind the Scenes

While marketers consistently shared social media posts, the stars took to sharing BTS and other fun humane moments.

Shoot in London

Acrobats and Exercise feat Varun Dhawan

Twerking in Style

Faceoff or comedy?

Spill the Beans


The makers began a 6-episode series of #StreetToStreetDancer on IGTV and promoted it through other social channels. Each episode explored the life and journey of the lead dancers, other than the star-cast from across the country.

Episode 1: Nivi

Episode 2: Sushant

The last episode summarized the entire crew of lead dancers and high-points from the series.

Prebuzzing the trailer

The pattern involving minimalistic elements for social media posts continued with the pre-buzz trailer post.


A making video of the trailer was also released.

Taking to the Streets

A lot of the marketing initiatives revolved around the actors going on the streets in tandem to the name of the movie obviously focussing on the fervor of dance.

Song Releases

Each song released was capped with its making and a contest post. Since the movie is solely about dance, the marketers focussed on generating content through users via contests around the songs.

Muqabla Song

Prabhu Deva made a comeback with the iconic song of the 90s. The song was soon followed by a challenge.

Making of Muqabla


#Muqabla on TikTok

Muqabla song trended on TikTok and creating a mass reach; the platform was also used to create UGC.

Baba Jackson on TikTok

A recent viral sensation, Baba Jackson, a street dancer with killer moves was noticed by celebrities for his talent. Varun Dhawan interacted with Baba Jackson, acknowledging the true Street Dancer.

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The ‘Garmi’ song

Making of Garmi

Soon after launch influencers were brought in to amplify the content and #Garmi challenge followed.

Garmi BTS feat @Awez Darbar


Illegal Weapon

The next song in-line with the global dance competition was the launch of Illegal Weapon.


The face-off song was amplified through a contest campaign on TikTok and other social channels.

The Battle on Tiktok

Dua Karo

Create your Version of ‘Dua Karo’

Another contest was launched with ‘create your version of Dua Karo’ leveraging the song high-on-emotions.

Lagdi Lahore

Show your best move’ contest

Lagdi Lahore was launched with the lucky winners given a chance meet Varun and Shraddha.

Brand Collaborations & Campaigns

Gulf Pride with Radio Mirchi – #StreetDancerChallenge

Much like the other contests, #StreetDancerChallenge in association with Gulf Pride and Radio Mirchi encouraged viewers to put their best foot forward and attain their dream of starring in the movie.


In tandem with love for music, JBL collaborated with the high-strung musical drama.

Live it up with Maruti Suzuki Arena

This campaign initiative was targeted at the creation of videos, using hashtags such as #LiveItUp, #SPressoSquad  but with your team to win the contest


PUBG on the Dance Floor

Street Dancer 3D team collaborated with PubG.

With Street Dancer 3D parachutes and PubG battlegrounds, the marketers aligned the movie with the dance battle theme on the mobile game.


This brand leveraged Street Dancer 3D numbers to lead listeners to Spotify playlists, promoting the platform and the movie-songs. The social media posts witnessed the movie actors promoting the songs and asking the viewers to consume the songs on Spotify.

Dialogue Promos and Ads

The marketers posted snippets of some of the slapstick and catchy dialogues from the movie as promo posts on social media to keep buzzing.

Use of AR…

QR Code surprise with Mid Day

The makers collaborated with Mid Day and goaded the readers to scan a QR code on the Print poster ad for a surprise. As soon as the QR code was scanned on the mobile, a dancing Varun Dhawan appeared on the screen.

Neon Filter on Social media

This was another AR attempt by marketers.

The users needed to follow 3 steps to participate in this challenge. From clicking on the shared link to the platform of choice- Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, and finally recording the video to send the movie makers, the contest leveraged AR and the fun-quotient.

Dance with Varun Dhawan

‘Dance with Varun Dhawan’ AR leveraged technology and the 3D aspect of the movie through.

On the lines of the thought that AR brings illusion to reality, this filter allowed user to dance with Varun Dhawan and record the video on their mobile via a specific online link.

Grooving to the Indian Moves

The makers posted some random videos based on dancing with #ApnaWalaMoves showcasing typical Indian moves with a funny take on the same.

Meet the Street Dancers at Breezer Vivid Shuffle

The marketers collaborated with the finale episode of ‘Breezer Vivid Shuffle’ for #LiveLifeInColours with fervor and energy.

CTA ads

Taking a cue from real-life instances, the movie marketers posted short spoofs starring Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor in separate short-format video ads.

Never be late to Book the tickets

Dance to the beats and quit monotony

Audience Reaction and UGC

The Dance Challenges

Under 25 Dictionary

Farhad Samji x Street Dancer 3D

Street Dancer 3D saw content collaborations with composers such as Farhad Samji’s release song for the movie.

How they premiered?

Staying true to their positioning of being quintessential to being the ‘Sounds of the street’, the movie was premiered with dancers performing at multiplexes in public, in style.

Street Dancer marketing strategy leveraged all major social media platforms with a focus on UGC driven apps such as TikTok. The campaign initiatives revolved around challenges and dance contests. AR challenges formed another important pillar of the strategy.

Overall, the marketing strategy aimed at conveying the passion towards dance in their communication as well.