Every Mumma is pretty and has a lot to share: Surbhi Mahobia, Pretty Mumma Says

Surbhi Mahobia Pretty Mumma Says

Surbhi Mahobia, Mom Blogger and Author, sheds light on the secret of staying relevant and relatable through content on topics such as Parenting and parenthood.

“My storytelling, relatable, and engaging content gives me an edge”, says the Author & Blogger, Surbhi Mahobia. The mom blogger intends to share anything and everything about parenting and parenthood.

Mahobia sheds light on the fact that it is not possible to be hypothetical when speaking at length on such topics. Staying real and honest is the only way by which one can stay relevant and relatable shares the content creator.

Looking back, where did it all begin? 

Not sure. I was cleaning up the attic at my Mom’s house this Diwali and came across some really old diaries of mine, where I had a lot of random writings, prose, and poetry. I guess, I always had an inkling for writing, but the thought to seriously write a blog with a focus on parents, especially Moms and children, came after my second childbirth, during late 2016, early 2017.

I had gone through one cycle and was going through another and in that journey, was realizing that each day of being a Mom can be uniquely different, and yet may have some common traits. This did compel me to share and learn from other parents on their experiences. Its been quite enriching and exciting since then.

What’s in the name? 

Oh, everything! Your name is your identity. I named my blog “Pretty Mumma Says” because everybody likes to listen and hear what a pretty Mumma is saying. Isn’t it?

Also, motherhood makes women more beautiful. Hence, every Mumma is pretty and has a lot to share.

What is your USP in this cluttered space? How does your content give you an edge?

My USP is writing about those aspects of parenting that normally don’t get spoken about or are not much discussed. I discuss parenting from the aspect of not just a mother, but as an equal parent. Also, as a parent scared of the dark side of the internet, I am very apprehensive about sharing and displaying pictures of my children. Hence, it is slightly challenging to stay relevant, relatable and make the readers come back.

Therefore, my storytelling and relatable, engaging content give me an edge. My readers have positively commented about my perspective as being different, yet quite relevant.

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I think I can officially say that my year has ended on the best note. . After my first book “Ten Tales” came out in 2018, I would get asked that when will my next book come out. And my answer would be – I am working on it. But in all honesty, I kept dilly dallying and I swear, in 2019 I didn’t even think in that direction. I was content workwise, I was happy with my pace and how things were shaping up for me. . Then suddenly came an email from @reachout_to_richa enquiring if I would be interested in writing for an anthology that @half_baked_beans is curating. As the saying goes – never say no when an opportunity knocks on the door. Seldom it happens and when it happens just go with the flow. I can only thank you for this opportunity and I am so glad that I said yes! . Fast forward to this week, the ebook is out on Amazon and I am one of the contributors to the “all women” anthology called as A Jar of Stories. This book is a joy ride and take you through a myriad of emotions. (Swipe to see the cover page) . You can download it through Amazon #linkinbio 1. If you have an @amazonkindle then you know how it works 2. If you don’t have it then download @amazonkindle app on your phone/tab/ipad and sync it with your Amazon account. It’s that easy. . Thank you for all your love and support. Be with me like you always have been. . Much love ? . @prettymummasays #prettymummasays . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #anthology #womenwriters #author #womenwriters #fictionwriter #fictionauthor #authorblogger #collection2019 #collection #downloadnow #amazonkindle #kindleindia #kindleunlimited #kindlebooks #ebooks

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Please take us through your content creation process. How do you stay relevant and relatable?

I like to write about the topics, subjects, and experiences that we face in our daily lives. I take inspiration from day to day parenting struggles and instances. Whenever I learn from any instance or interaction with my children or any life experience that I feel is important to discuss, I share it as it is without twisting the facts.

The key to staying relevant is by being honest. There is no dearth of people sharing their experiences, but my storytelling and the way I engage my readers in purely my style of writing is my forte. The fact of the matter is that when you are writing about parenting and parenthood, it’s not easy to create a hypothetical situation. Staying real and honest is the only way by which one can stay relevant and relatable.

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How do you make moolah with your efforts?

Tricky question. There’s no single answer to this. Moolah comes in multiple ways – sometimes through direct monetization, sometimes through the use of products and services as you review them for real feedback, or sometimes in terms of value barter in form of link-exchange to grow my own reach. In addition, the blog also yields some revenues from Ads.

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||Let’s Talk Slow Fashion|| Slow fashion is nothing new. It has been redefined with newer and fancier terms recently. However, it’s an age old philosophy of using and reusing your clothes responsibly for an elongated period of time.???????????? . It’s an ideology which we all have seen our parents and grandparents following and preaching. Atleast, I can vouch for the Indian scenario. . You all must have heard your moms, fathers and grandparents gloating about how many decades old their clothes are and yet so well maintained. They can’t stop talking about the sheen, the colorfastness, the quality and their skill of keeping and maintaining them for decades? . Well, my mom does. She still has her wedding saree and whenever that saree comes out of the “baksa” (बक्सा) alongwith few others, she, very proudly and nostalgically, starts telling about it. And I chose to wear that saree on my engagement? . Ladies and gentlemen, the example above is slow fashion. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It only makes you wiser with your money and intelligent with your spend on clothes.✅ . I have repeated outfits on my grid and otherwise in my day-to-day life I don’t buy clothes very frequently. My choice completely. I don’t care if you notice or don’t??‍♀️ (Swipe left) . Slow fashion is the need of the hour. It’s one more way of: ?sustainable living ?being responsible towards environment ?saving money ?reducing waste ?reusing the available resources ?being environment friendly . Think big, ladies and gentlemen. Rise above this mentality of “not repeating outfits”. My question to you is – why not???‍♀️ That’s your money and time spent on buying those clothes??‍♀️ Think hard? Think big?? . This post today is inspired by Namrata’s @namratabs post today on a hate comment she received about repeating outfits. So proud of her for voicing it out. . What’s your take on slow fashion? Let’s talk in comments below. . Much love? . @prettymummasays #prettymummasays . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #slowfashion #reusefashion #sustainablefashion #recycledfashion #ecofriendlyliving #responsiblefashion #reuserepurposerecycle #responsiblestyle #responsibleconsumption #ecological #sustainability

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How do you maintain editorial objectivity with the influx of brand briefs?

My principles are simple –

  • I associate with brands that allow objective testing or experiential feedback about their products, services or experiences.
  • I associate with brands where the value system aligns.
  • The copy is always mine
  • Brands can review and comment on their representation
  • Since I am a full-time Mom as well, I keep limited associations at any point of time
  • I work very hard to stay relevant to my niche instead of running after every collaboration that comes my way

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||Tumble House – A Dream Play Land for Children|| We started our weekend last week with a big bang by visiting @tumble_house. Tumble House is an indoor play area that’s situated in Defence Colony, New Delhi. It’s a 2 time @kidsstoppress award winner for Best Play Area in Delhi. ———————————————— What I like most about indoor play areas is that no matter how bad the weather and air is outside,kids can still do physical activities in a safe environment without me being worried about their wellbeing and whereabouts. Both of my kids had a blast running, jumping and playing around without being watched over. The place has helping staff looking after kids in every section. The food was absolutely lip smacking. The serving staff was courteous. . What I liked? ♥️The indoor play area is divided into 2 section – Toddlers (1 – 3 years) & Children (3 – 12 years). ♥️There is a unique built-in air purifying system that tracks PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels. ♥️The entire play area is steamed and deep cleaned once in a month. The play area and playing props are sanitised with disinfectants every week. ♥️There’s a new security card system through which parents can track their child(ren)’s visits. On each visit, an SMS alert informs them about the arrival. It also ensures that the child is handed over to the authorised person to whom the card was issued at the time of visit. ♥️Their in-house cafe has a scrumptious kid friendly menu which is a mix of healthy options and also has many other options to choose from. ♥️While the kids enjoy, parents can relax in the lounge by getting a spa, chilling on lazy boy massage chairs and 4 different kind of head massages. ♥️ The food is freshly prepared at every order, hence the menu is kept short to minimise the wait time. ———————————————— Thank you so much for hosting us @tumble_house We had a gala time and even though it’s been a few days, my kiddo can’t stop talking about it and asking me to take them back. #wowtumblehouse #funbeginsattumblehouse . @prettymummasays #prettymummasays . . . . . . . . . . . #newdelhi #defencecolony #indoorplay #playarea #toddlers #airpurifier #southdelhi #indoorplayarea #kidfriendly #ohwhatfun #happytime

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One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile

Recently, I got the invitation to be a part of a conference being conducted to draft a policy for safe school transport of children by all modes of transportation. It was conducted by a non-government organization in association with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India.

It made it worthwhile because I truly believed that my work is being noticed and recognized. I was invited as a Parenting Influencer and I was the only one there from the blogger fraternity. To be the voice of the parents of our country was an extremely proud and honorable moment for me. This has truly established me as one of the “parenting thought leaders”.

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||How often do you put a mask?|| Relax. I am talking about face mask. What did you think?? . Tanning is not a seasonal problem anymore and it requires constant attention. Sharp rays of sun damage our skin from within. The right face mask can help hydrate skin, tightens pores and improves the appearance of the skin by pulling out impurities. . @mamaearth.in Ubtan Face Mask helps in lightening the tan and gives a fresh look to the face. It has Saffron, Apricot oil, Turmeric that are known for their properties like anti-aging, antioxidants and improving skin’s texture. It’s dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. It’s also free from harmful chemicals like SLES, Sulfates, Silicones, Pthalates and artificial fragrances. #ubtanglow #mamatakescare . I have used the Ubtan Face Mask a few times by now and I absolutely love the affects it has on my skin after washing. My skin appears brighter, softer and it doesn’t dries out the skin. Try it and you won’t regret. Buy from various e-commerce websites and Mamaearth’s website. ?Rs.499 . @prettymummasays #prettymummasays . . . . . . . . . . . . . #facemask #ubtan #indian #masking #glowmask #masker #tanning #skincare #skincareproducts #skincareroutine #skincareaddict #skincareadvice #skincaretips #facecareroutine #suntan #turmeric #saffron #apricot #indianskin #indianskincare #indianmomblogger #momblogger

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Weirdest brand brief/request ever

To review the product without experiencing it. How is that even possible? Needless to say, I denied the request.

If not blogging, you would be?

A children storyteller or an illusionist  

A day in your life…

I am an early riser. My day starts at 5.30 am every day. After sending off kids and husband, I start my day and plan for the rest of the day. My typical workday involves writing for my blog and creating social media content. I take a break from work when kids return for their schools and pick up work again only after they have slept.

Message/tips for upcoming bloggers

COSPAT – Creative, Observant, Serious, Patient, Authentic and Tenacious – attributes that you’ll need to be a good blogger.

Your Favorite Influencer

I don’t have a favorite influencer. I like the thought process of a few and their perspective towards parenthood and parenting.

The Future you foresee for your Personal Brand

I am expanding the scope of my coverage to all issues pertinent to the world of children and parents, be it complex psychology of being parents, or being children, or reflections of societal changes on parents or children, or security and protection for children in all environments, education, or just the well being of both parents and children. My personal brand will evolve as I grow my focus in these areas.