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About Simplify360!

Simplify360 started as a social media management tool focused on listening, publishing, and management. We have recently refreshed ourselves as a Conversation Cloud platform focusing on cross channel messaging excellence with embedded AI and omnichannel insights whilst continuing to provide a focus on social.


founded the product/company?

The idea for the product was conceived in 2012 when a lot of companies had started adapting Social Media but were not sure of how to manage it. There were numerous products in the market but none of them were solving the actual problem.

From our conversations with enterprises, we realized that what they really needed was a single application that could work across channels and departments so they could work together – marketing, analytics, and customer support. We realized the importance of eliminating silos between traditional and social solutions very early on,

This led to the start of Simplify360, a complete social listening, analytics, and care tool. We have been always been a customer-focused company and over the course of years, we implemented features that made our customers optimize their digital presence.


platforms does it cover?

We cover the following services-

  • Major social networks such

    as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Instant messengers such as

    FB Chat, Twitter DM, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Viber
  • Location reviews such as

    Google Business Reviews
  • Appstore – iOS and Google

  • Webchat
  • Email


of the tool?

The key features of the tool are – social listening, social insights, publishing, digital engagement & customer service on social, FB Chat/FB messenger, WhatsApp, Email, web-chat, Location reviews, app reviews, and e-commerce reviews.  

We also provide omnichannel insights for customers to allow for a smooth transition across channels and to engage with customers in the flows they choose. This reduces the cost to operate and improves CSAT in double-digit percentages on average. In addition, we provide AI on Facebook Chat, Twitter DM and instant messengers.

We are moving away from a standard platform to one that allows brands to work towards specific business objectives. For eg: Reduce cost to operate non-voice by 20% using Digital deflection, Improve CSAT/NPS on FB by 15%, Improve overall CSAT by 40% (new channel like WhatsApp)


analytics support does the tool provide?

With our new look dashboards, we provide social listening dashboards for brands and competitors that can be created from over 150 KPIs and made role-based. In addition, we have social channel analytics for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


also have specific campaigns to track impression and engagement metrics for

content published using our platform.

Our response management dashboards are industry-leading and allow brands to track all messages with a ticketing system, SLA’s tracking for different message types, influencer prioritization, automated rule-based routing into workflows that can be designed and modified as per the brand’s existing teams.


also have an insights services team that provides social media and cross

channel digital insights – both qualitative and quantitative that blends

traditional market research methodologies with social KPIs (also can integrate

with app, search, web analytics and more). 

Many of our clients prefer our superior service and bundle this with our

platform for actionable intelligence.  This

team also offers image and video analytics as a service.


it give an option to download reports?


Competitor and Comparison Reports can be downloaded from the dashboards as

images/excel. In addition, brands can schedule reports to be delivered across

various categories.


also allow for excel downloads, and clients also use our API to consume

platform data in their internal systems


kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it?


undertake sentiment analysis in 50+ languages with our specialty being Asian

languages since most of our client base is based here (across Middle east,

south and south East Asia)

We have high confidence in the sentiment tagging for the languages and also offer custom industry-based training to our existing customers.


the algorithm for sentiment analysis?

We use a blend of naïve Bayes, maximum entropy and SVM in a supervised training construct to provide sentiment analytics


are the brands/agencies that are using this tool?

We have top brands and agencies using our platform across the world. In India, 3 out of the top 5 BFSI institutions, 4 out the top 5 media houses, and many new app-based companies prefer to use Simplify360.


& Packages

We used to price with a blend of consumption of data, channels, and users. While we continue to do this, we are moving towards a more industry-accepted user-based pricing with bolt-ons for various modules.



We are undergoing a major UX revamp at the moment due to the addition of email and chat.

Our next 12 months are going to be mostly around showing our existing and new customers the optimization benefits that the product provides and guide them on aligning business objectives with the platform.

Our teams are also doing R&D on intelligent automation for customer-facing apps.  



Rohit Gupta – CEO and Co-Founder

Laxmi Khatiwada- CFO and Co-Founder

Goldy Sachan- Digital Marketing Manager

Abhijeet Das- Software Architect


you hiring?

Yes. We are always looking for

enthusiastic world builders who know no limits. So be it in coding, business

or  customer success be sure to drop  a line to our team at

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