upGrad awards Digital Media Intelligence mandate to Drizzlin Media

upGrad and Drizzlin Media

Drizzlin media will help the brand leverage digital media data to make critical business and communication decisions.

Digital communications and research firm Drizzlin Media, has bagged the Digital Media Intelligence mandate for the offline education company upGrad. The agency will help the brand leverage digital media data to make critical business and communication decisions.

The services include tracking competition and sharing insights to aid the company’s marketing strategy. The offered level of social media listening will not only help analyze brand sentiments through the data collected over a period for a few months but also improve this sentiment through active participation.

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Drizzlin Media will be sharing with upGrad, data-driven insights about their brand’s audience and thereby will be able to gauge the brand’s perception in its consumer’s mind.

“We are excited to start work with upGrad as their agency for gathering Digital Media Intelligence. We hope to give the teams both specific and strategic insights to make important time-critical decisions. From day-to-day issues like solving customer issues on pricing, and product queries, etc. to providing long term insights on what kind of products to launch, how to address underserved market segments, and how to enhance current customer experience could be some of the aspects delivered during our association,” says Deepak Goel, Founder of Drizzlin Media.

“Being a learner-centric organization, we have to focus on listening to our consumers, understanding what they want and decoding their perception about my brand. Social media here plays a critical role in understanding consumers as well as influencing their buying decision. We are confident that partnering with Drizzlin Media will not only help us with online reputation management but also with actionable strategic insights,” says upGrad Co-Founder and Managing Director, Mayank Kumar.