A personal touch will help you develop relatable content: Vydurya Lokesh

Vydurya Lokesh

Beliving that an influencer’s work is not just about being a bridge between brands and consumers, Vydurya Lokesh hopes to inspire people with her content.

Vydurya Lokesh has spent years honing her skills as a makeup artist. She loves to shape, influence and transform lives. When it comes to content on social media, she believes that content should be crisp and catchy and that the creators must believe in the vision of their page. It is very important to have fun and enjoy the process of content creation, she says.

Looking back, where did it all begin? 

I have been a freelance makeup artist for eight years. As time flew by, my love for everything fashion and beauty grew. I have always enjoyed interacting with people. The one constant throughout my journey has been the joy I get by influencing or transforming someone. I had to practice self-love for a long time before I could acknowledge myself and my strengths, to be able confidently to claim myself to be an influencer.

What’s in the name? 

I have two brands — Artistry by Vydurya Lokesh and Yaarna. The latter was created by mixing my name with my partner’s. It signifies the bond as well an avatar of Lakshmi. Since it is a jewellery brand, the message got translated beautifully.

What is your USP in this cluttered space? How does your content give you an edge?

In a world full of perfect bodies, perfect skin tone and perfect fashion sense, it seems hard to make an impact being a curvy, brown-skinned girl, but it has been an enriching experience. I have used this opportunity and a platform to explore my body as well as raging fashion trends. I think my content has been able to have an advantage because of how real my journey has been with self-love and acceptance and I’ve been sharing this journey with my viewers and it’s beautiful how they feel a positive impact. 

Please take us through your content creation process. How do you stay relevant and relatable?

I am constantly looking for places to travel, places to shoot and looks to put together. It’s not a 9 to 8 job, it is something that makes my heart happy. Creating content doesn’t just satisfy you, it also helps yo influence and inspires people to relate with you and empower themselves to take an extra dose of risk to try something new.

How do you make moolah with your efforts?

Money has been a constant companion all through this journey. I’ve somehow had the blessing of getting to do something with my heart and watching moolah follow.

How do you maintain editorial objectivity with the influx of brand briefs?

I usually do my homework when it comes to brands to understand their business and products. Accordingly, I work on my editorial content and campaigns that are in sync with their brand image. I usually try to look for creative ways to execute the briefs in a way that adds value to the brand.

One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile

I went on an unplanned 30-day backpack trip to the US and during this trip, I used to wake up almost every day to about a hundred DMs each day, conveying how felt like they were on that trip with me. Another instance that moved me was when during the same trip, some followers had opened up their homes to me, offering me to stay with them. Isn’t that the sweetest reward!

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Weirdest brand brief/request ever

Honestly, my experience with most brands has been fruitful because of the sector I focus on and of course, I personally gauge each brand/product I am endorsing.

If not blogging, you would be?

If not an influencer, I would be keen on becoming a curly/plus size fashion stylist. As I already do play multiple roles apart from being an influencer, this is something I could consider in the future as well.

A day in your life…

Not a single day goes without chaos and multitasking. I usually have early shoots. I try to keep myself busy on most days. When I am not working, I ideate for collaborations and relatable content for my audiences.

Message/tips for upcoming bloggers

Believe in your vision for your page. Keep the content crisp and catchy. Having a personal touch/story to everything will make your content more acceptable and relatable. Lastly, have crazy fun and enjoy the process of blogging/content creation!

Your Favorite Influencer

Diipa Khosla is my favourite influencer as she has been slaying it. She has been an example of how far an influencer can scale.

The Future you foresee for your Personal Brand

I believe that my purpose as an influencer doesn’t end with being a bridge between a brand and its consumers. I want to be able to inspire more girls like me who are insecure about their bodies to accept themselves as they are. I want to be looked at a 360-degree evolutionary brand in the making, to be able to disseminate the message that irrespective of where you are, if you are passionate, you can reach heights.