Agency Feature: Blurb

Blurb Agency

How do we define Blurb?

Blurb is a team of 7 headed by Sapna Shahani, who has years of experience as a business, marketing, and public relations consultant for restaurants, hotels and lifestyle brands in Goa. Everyone on the team is well versed with social media marketing, which is our core service, while some of us are dedicated creative professionals in graphic design, photography, writing, etc.

What’s in the name?

I chose Blurb as the name since it means a small caption which is what we write a lot of in social media marketing.

What do we do?

Besides social media marketing including graphic design and photography, we also provide influencer marketing services and have a professional influencer as part of our team; event programming and promotion services through our Whatsapp, Facebook groups and sharing with event listing websites; and other services like advertising consultancy. We also offer videography and video editing services to our retainer clients.

Why we do it?

We were actually the first agency to provide social media marketing services in Goa in 2014. This was because my friends who ran restaurants in Goa needed help to bring in more footfall.

We also care about raising the bar for tourism in Goa and projecting the place as a major culinary destination in India.

How do we evolve?

We are adopting new technology and apps to save time and increase efficiency. We also have to stay on top of the ever-changing social media trends locally and internationally.

Social responsibility in social media

We don’t use any copyrighted images for any of our clients’ content and we also don’t agree with fake reviews.

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We learned the hard way

There are a number of insights that we have gained over the years which we use to consult our clients on a daily basis. But one of the areas we learned the hard way is that Facebook doesn’t always target audiences accurately during the advertising. It is also very difficult to connect with their customer service.

Did we just share that?

I think all agencies make the occasional fumble of sharing a different client’s content in a post by mistake, or posting an image without a caption, but thankfully that oops moment doesn’t happen too often.

They work with us

We work with most of the leading restaurant, F&B and hotel brands in Goa including Amrapali House of Grace, Artjuna, Jamun, Mojigao, Peep Kitchen, Ping’s Bia Hoi, Simba and others.

The industry as we foresee

The competition has increased over the past few years but we continue to position ourselves as providers of high-quality branding services through social media marketing.

A day without Internet

Oh, we have had many days without the internet, so we are used to going to a café, a family member’s home or even using hotspots from our phones to get through the day.

Lastly, are you hiring?