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How do we define Catalon?

The word 'Brand Solutions' is getting different dimensions as per changing times. Catalon is an integrated brand solutions agency. We create engaging and effective creative solutions leveraging technology and digital media.

We don’t have clients, we have partners. 


What's in the name? 

Derived from the word - Catalyst. We aim to craft entertaining and interesting stories that guide the brands to reach the heart and minds of the audiences.

What do we do? 

Just to say we do anything and everything in print, film and digital mediums, but for us, it’s more than that. We can create anything from Logos to Brand film effectively. Our digital geeks can create a great reach by Website, App designs, Social Media, and targeting the right audience.

Why do we do it? 

Our brand philosophy is Purposefulness 

Nothing can start or end without a purpose, we do it for our passion to create brand stories with creativity and strategy that makes the audiences love, believe and embrace it.

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How do we evolve? 

Started as a small design hot-shop, today we attempt to create effective solutions in print, film and digital medium of any magnitude. We thrive to get extremely talented young and fearless minds who come up with fresh ideas and stay ahead with the technological advantage.

We also extend our hand to create offline communication for our partners.

Social responsibility in social media 

Social media is a two-sided sword. In the digital world, seeing is believing, isn’t entirely right. We need to keep moral filters in check while creating any communication online.

The need of the hour 

  • Context is the king! 
  • Going beyond the brief 
  • We believe in having a think and react approach to digital media rather than having a react and think approach.

We learned the hard way 

This is a

constant process. It’s unfortunate but unavoidable. The ultimate lesson is to

take your views, biases and bury it in the backyard before we try to create any

sensation on digital media. Let's take the litmus test of factual information

and not pour the acid in the social fabric. 

Did we just share that? 

For a very demanding client after multiple creative rejections, we presented a creative with an image upside down. The client loved it. 

They work with us 

Wipro, Wipro North-West, Bharat Forge, Hyundai, Pune Metro, BU Bhandari, Volkswagen, Healing Hands, Healing Touch Hospital, NIO Hospital, Samavedana, Orchid Hotel, and more amongst others.

The industry as we foresee 

The social media industry will be revolving around fads and trends, with the integration of cutting edge technology. The agencies need to understand that these two factors will change the face of the brands.

A day without Internet 

Everything gets served to us on a platter through the internet. This will surely be a great exercise to stimulate the minds of our creative maniacs in the right direction and improve the power of imagination. 

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are always looking for creative minds and strategic thinkers in digital media.

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