Agency Feature: Digitalabs

Agency Feature: Digitalabs

How do we define Digitalabs?

We’re Digitalabs, a digital marketing agency that’s been in play since 2014. With a total of around 80 people, we are operating across three cities in India.

What’s in the name?

Our name is an amalgamation of Digital & Laboratory i.e. “DigitaLabs”.
Digital Marketing always was, is and will remain a field where solutions are found through experimentation, trial, and errors.

Also, the word “solutions” which is spun into our philosophy of being fits in pretty neatly into a laboratory setting.

So Digitalabs we are!

What do we do?

We provide customized digital marketing solutions, keyword being customized. We understand the basis of the exact requirements desired marketing end-goals and provide exact solutions basis for those. No less. No more.

Why we do it?

The gap between top agencies that charge brand name premium and boutique agencies that work on hygiene deliverables is massive. We see sense in inducing rational yet high-quality services. So, we’ll work across budgetary ranges with people who want to create meaningful digital footprints.

How do we evolve?

The first and most critical step is internal information sharing. The SEO guys should know what’s the latest in SMO and the Developers, designers should know how content is evolving.

We make sure that each team shares insights in an organized manner on a weekly basis. Beyond which is participation in industry events, real-time information sharing as well as reverse mentoring.

Social responsibility in social media

Cross-checking, fact-checking and client verification of all information posted is hygiene. Also, we make sure that clients are sensitized that window dressing beyond a certain point will lead to brand taint through the loss of authenticity. People have developed an eye for posers and disingenuous messaging. We make sure that the kernel of truth remains intact.

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The need of the hour

We need honest metrics from social platforms. Right now, there is no way to know if the numbers that we see really are the numbers that happened. Probably there is a reason why there’s an increasing distance between performance metrics and bottom-lines.

The industry will do itself a disservice if it goes down the road of short term profit-making. We need robust third-party auditors in this space.

We learned the hard way

You can’t force people to buy stuff. You can at best understand latent needs/desires and pitch your product or solution the best you can.

In the end, if there is no need or if the offering is not great, it’s all going to fizzle out pretty quickly.

Did we just share that?

Just every time a client brief contains “Needs to be Viral”, we lose a little faith in the human intellect.

The industry as we foresee

It’s all going to go video. Also, those who commit to the cause wholeheartedly (along with their pockets) will win the game hands down.

The people who still think to post five posts a week with inane messaging is the answer to “Are you on Social Media?” will be running a race where the competition has already lapped them twice over.

A day without Internet

In case of regular life, it would be chaos.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are.