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How do you define Ittisa?

Ittisa is a Full-Service Digital Agency, Driven by Innovation, Creativity & Data. The agency combines the use of the best digital platforms with data insights to help brands tell stories, build communities and transform their business. 

Founded in June 2014, Ittisa was born out of our founder- Sneh Sharma’s wish to seriously impact women's employment and help improve its trajectory in India. She felt that women were under-represented, underpaid and unrecognised for the creative and intelligent work they did on a daily basis. This laid the foundation for Ittisa which was born as a girls-first digital agency. 

The Team: We are a team of passionate millennials for whom digital is a way of life. We are led by 2 superwomen — our founder Sneh Sharma and COO Sneha Das, who together with the team shape a contemporary, flexible and collaborative company culture. 

What's in a name?

It's all about branding and image and SMM agencies are all about that. Ittisa means 'The Ruler' in Sanskrit and our aim is to rule the digital landscape. 

What do we do?

Digital marketing, branding, design, UI/UX design and development, SEO, SEM, programmatic ads, packaging design, e-commerce store optimisation, management consulting. 

Why we do it?

Digital is undoubtedly the future. As early adopters of the medium, we feel that we have an advantage because when many are entering the space, we already have a lot of it under control. 

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How we evolve?

In a world of intensifying global competition, accelerating technological change and rising customer expectations, the old model of having different disciplines fails to innovate across them. Ittisa is a place where technology meets design and design meets data leading to excellent business strategies and disruptive digital transformation. 

We specialise in bringing together technology, UI/UX design, branding, digital marketing, management consulting and data analytics to formulate a truly unique digitally transformative experience. 

Social responsibility in social media

With the growing power of social media, social responsibility is a beckoning reality. At Ittisa, we believe that we have an opportunity and a responsibility to address various pressing concerns. Advancing gender equality, educating about environmental challenges and launching freshman careers are causes we’re passionate about. 

The need of the hour

Bullies are everywhere and social media happens to be a medium where they thrive. Without laws, brands expose themselves to unfair reviews, falsified information and sometimes brand bashing without reason. It is important to recognise and identify comments/messages that are unjustified and report them immediately. 

We learned the hard way

As a creative agency, we thrive when our work goes viral. However, the flipside of this is that your work is often copied, used as ‘inspiration’ or used without credit. Brands too sometimes utilise pitch ideas without paying for it. We now only share our work with a legal disclaimer if ideas are used without consent. 

They work with us Your clients 

Sunfeast Yippee, Vijaya Bank, Aashirvaad Atta, Sunfeast Snacky, Airtel Wynk, Flipkart, Eureka Forbes, iRobot, Dogsee Chew, Himalaya Natives, Red Chillies Entertainment, Apollo Hospitals, Columbia Asia, Canara Bank, Nirmal VCO, Humain Diagnostics, Enact, Smart Karrot, Inventure Academy, Hyatt Place, World Reader, WAHL, Toothsi Aligners, Quick Ride amongst others 

The industry as we foresee

Increasingly, the clients are going to realise that the agencies cannot answer, “What will be your digital strategy?” unless they themselves are willing to first answer, “What is my business strategy?” When Social is integrated with other mediums, the clients will realise the maximum value out of it. Social Media agencies will also slowly move away from the rush of putting out the content for the clients to putting just quality content that deserves to be backed by budgets. 

A day without Internet Being connected now is like breathing.

Well, people broadly have two reactions to traumatic events - rational acceptance or complete psychosis. Either people will find the day to be entirely peaceful - no twitter fights, no celebrity trolling; where you are living moments rather than capturing them. Or, the lack of social validation is going to turn them cuckoo. 

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