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How do you define OLBUZ?

OLBUZ is a digital marketing and app development agency that started its journey in 2016 from Ahmedabad. The agency helps small, medium and large enterprises in building their brands through organic search, content marketing, social media, and paid search marketing.

What's in the name?

OLBUZ name is derived from “OnLine BUZiness” which represent our

core expertise to serve all types of businesses looking to grow online.

What do we do?

We are mainly focusing on two different segments: Digital Marketing and Mobile App Development.

Why we do it?

Our founder Jignesh Gohel is Engineer by degree but developed the immense love and interest in digital marketing as a part of his first job. Once a ‘Daydream is now a reality’ and OLBUZ has started serving in both the field related to the founder’s education and passion.

How we evolve?

Inevitably the success stories and growth of our associates played

a vital role in our evolution. With that we strongly believe in sharpening the skills, keeping a keen eye in market trend changes and keeping pace with that as the evolution of the company became easy when the advancement is done with the market needs.

Social responsibility in social media

We are very much concerned about this and make sure every single content which is published on social media from our end should have a positive impact on society. We restrict to flow of the data which we ourselves do not like to entertain.

Need of the hour

The need of the hour is to utilize the digital platform as the most powerful medium to connect the society for a greater good rather than just for a monetary and entertainment purpose. We learned the hard way ethics and transparency is something we should not adjust against fake hope and commitments.

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They work with us

We have worked with over 100s of brands from the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, and India since our inception. Some of them are BlingJewelry, Bunpo, Sreestours, SocialPilot and HireFitnessProcus.

Industry as we foresee

We are going through the social era at the moment and one can grow rapidly if they know how to use social media in the current times.

A day without Internet

The Internet has emerged like any other basic needs for our personal and professional life. So a day without internet will be slow at first but will surely help us in strengthening our bonding with the people around us.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes! We are looking for profiles in Digital Marketing and iOS App Developer for 1-3 years of exp in the same.

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