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How do you define Webboombaa?

We are 3 years old Digital Marketing Company based out of Chennai.

What's in the name?

WEB – Online BOOM – Booming our client’s business in online

BAA – In the Chinese language it means “Delightful/Satisfaction”

WEBBOOMBAA – Booming clients' business and making them delightful with the tagline - 'Ensures Digital ROI'.

What do we do?

We are a core Digital Marketing Company and provide the following services:

360 Degree Digital Marketing, Programmatic Ads, Lead Generation, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Web development, and Google Ads.

Why do we do it?

As Co-founders of the company (Sarath, Durai & Varun), we are passionate about Digital marketing right from our days while pursuing an MBA.

We are google certified and were previously heading the digital marketing department of an IIM start-up based out of Chennai. We want to show the taste of digital marketing to South India.

How do we evolve?

Digital Marketing is an ocean if you fail to update you will be thrown out of the market, so here we have our expert team who research about daily algorithm changes, social media updates and we also think how can we utilize the new developments in digital marketing to achieve our clients desired goal.

Apart from equipping ourselves with day to day changes, we also need to educate our clients on the digital updates, so that they can explore more on our field.

Social responsibility in social media

From an agency point of view, we are very keen on maintaining an online reputation for our clients, especially in social media and website maintenance. We make sure that our clients' post doesn’t provoke any dissatisfaction to the society and also ensure their social media accounts are not vulnerable to any third-party attacks.

The need of the hour

People nowadays don’t know how to show their emotions in the right manner especially when they are disagreeing with the general opinion on social media.

For this, we are sharing a Chart by Paul Graham


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We learned the hard way

One thing we firmly believe in our journey is to start experimenting with all sorts of ads and in all possible platforms.

Did we just share that?

It was 8 months back when we worked day and night to deliver the client’s requirement. A week before launch, the client called us and said they found a similar restaurant with the same name and wanted us to rework on everything from the logo to social media marketing. It gave us a shock and we repeated the process.

At that time, it was very hectic but now if you turn around the clock it feels funny about the behavior of clients. We can’t blame them, but the creation of each and every brand takes a lot of effort and marketing their brand/products takes even higher, so when crossing this path along with the client we should be ready for the last minute changes.

To avoid this, we are keen on very minimal turn-around time which gives buffer period to deliver the deliverables before the deadline.

They work with us

  • Hiranandani Parks
  • Casagrand
  • Tata Value Homes, and more

The industry as we foresee

Digital Marketing ad spend is predicted to surge in the upcoming years, even in the year 2018 Programmatic spent crossed more than $46 billion dollars.

In the modern era, the OTTs such as Netflix, Hotstar, Prime are dominating the sector and the audiences.

To promote a product one needs to focus on the above digital platforms. Also, Industries like Real Estate, E-Commerce, Health care & Automobile are majorly allocating their marketing budget to digital marketing.

A day without Internet

Since we are a digital marketing company, it is with no choice that we would have to face the cost without the internet, but on a lighter note, it would be a great day off work with a nostalgic where we had days with no internet.

Lastly, are you hiring?


  • Programmatic ads – Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Full Stack Web Developer Manager
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