Burger King Valentine's Day Campaign has a cure for loneliness

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Burger King India

Burger King continues their love-hate relationship with McDonald's, and they want to do something special for the loneliest person they know, with their Valentine's Day Campaign.

The brand offers a free whopper to consumers who upload a selfie with the "lonely man" and tag Burger King India on 14th February, through their Valentine's Day Campaign.

The campaign cautiously never shows the brand mascot downright or mentions their arch-rival's brand name, throughout the video advert. It was launched with a pre-buzz post, announcing Burger King's 'heartfelt' initiative.

Conceptualized and executed by Famous Innovations with social media execution strategized by FoxyMoron, the campaign taps the current trend of Valentine's season, which focusses on singles.

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A brand spokesperson mentions, that the idea stems out of Burger King's intrinsic nature of 'just being who you are', and Valentine's Day is often depicted as repeated glossy celebrations of love amongst couples. "For once, why not celebrate the loners this Valentine's, and that was the genesis of the campaign".

While taking it's biggest rival down, the campaign would also spawn user-generated content and high engagement, if it turns out to be successful.

Burger King also continues to be inventive while (flame) grilling McDonald's through their campaigns. In 2017, Burger King launched a campaign offering a free Whopper sandwich to everyone coming dressed as a clown on Halloween.

With their campaign #EscapeTheClown, the brand apprised a feature in the Burger King app that let consumers scan an ad in a magazine placed at a McDonald’s outlet. Once consumers did that they would get a Whopper for one cent. With this campaign, Burger King carries its marketing banter with McDonald's further.

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