Case Study: How Sodexo leveraged Influencer Marketing to revamp its brand image

Sodexo Influencer Marketing Campaign

Sodexo BRS onboarded Devesh Joshi, a Delhi – based Travel Blogger to promote its multi-benefit pass and change the brand image. A look at the Sodexo Influencer Marketing Campaign.

Sodexo Influencer Marketing Campaign relies on one major influencer who attempted to establish the brand’s Multi Benefit Pass as the ultimate travel partner.

Sodexo Influencer Marketing Campaign

The Sodexo group works towards improving the quality of daily life for employees, clients, and merchants across the world. Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services is trusted by over 11,000 marquee companies across the public and private sectors for 23 years in India. With the 100% Digital Employee Benefit Solutions, Sodexo’s expertise is recognized by 3 million daily consumers in India across 1,700+ cities nationally including small towns.

Problem Statement

  • Sodexo was perceived as a paper voucher company in the minds of the external stakeholders due to its long-standing presence of paper vouchers in India for close to 20 years.
  • It was necessary to reposition the brand, as fully digital to the stakeholders without moving away from the quality of life purpose and to make the brand relevant and contemporary among the millennials.
  • At the same time, it was important to place the brand as a preferred partner in employee experience among large and small organizations across sectors.


  • To demonstrate the width and reach of Sodexo meal network in India, including small towns
  • To generate awareness about Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass by reaching out to a younger target segment, who are looking at ways to save annual taxes via the benefits given by their company
  • To showcase the usage of India’s revolutionary employee benefit solution. The only card that’s accepted on two networks, (a) Sodexo’s proprietary meal network (b)RuPay’s wide network


  • Sodexo onboarded @Footlosedev – Devesh Joshi, a Delhi – based Travel Blogger. Devesh went on an 8-day trip on his motorbike, during which he covered three states namely, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Devesh was given the 2-in-1 Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass to fuel up en- route his journey and enjoy his meals during the day with his card.
  • Devesh used the card to refill the fuel on the way and enjoyed some of South India’s best meals. Moreover, he ordered meals online in Kochi which refers digital network acceptance in small towns. To make this trip easy and memorable for Devesh, the Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass proved to be a companion throughout his bike ride.


  • To show the acceptance of Sodexo’s Multi-Benefit Pass in the remotest part of the country & explain its usage.
    • Meal Benefits: Swipe the card at Sodexo affiliated meal merchant outlets across India for the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages only
    • Non-Meal Benefits: Insert the chip-based RuPay to enjoy all non-meal benefits like fuel, telecom, office wear, etc

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Creative Idea

To simplify & showcase the usage of Multi-Benefit Pass; Swipe vs Insert. Since this is India’s first-ever card that works on two networks- Sodexo’s proprietary meal network for meal benefits & Rupay’s wide network for other benefits through #SoloWithSodexo.


Before Joshi embarked on his journey, the brand and the blogger teamed up to let the audiences know that an adventure awaits them and created pre-buzz around the campaign amplifying the campaign through the hashtag #SoloWithSodexo.

Meanwhile, Joshi kept the users engaged through his Instagram stories while creating content about his prep up for the tour and later giving real-time updates about the ride.

  • Instagram Stories: FootlooseDev

Youtube was also leveraged to create Vlogs about the tour where he briefed about the journey and was also seen using the Sodexo multi-benefit pass occasionally.

The activity was concluded with posts from the blogger on the completion of his journey and was cross-posted by the brand on its Instagram page.


  • TOTAL REACH: 20,000+
  • WEB CLICKS: 11,616

CMO Quote

Suvodeep Das, Vice President- Sales & Marketing at Sodexo BRS India

“Our influencer program helped the brand connect better with young consumers and millennials, who need credible people to convince them about a brand’s credentials. Our influencers too have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and we will continue to engage heavily with tech, food and lifestyle bloggers to make the brand even more relevant to the Millennials.”