Case Study: How Tantan targetted single women on Valentine’s Day increasing number of swipes


Tantan aimed to increase awareness around the dating app in India and improve brand trust for its female users through social media this Valentine’s Day.

This case study explores how Tantan leveraged influencers and to increase awareness around the dating app in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India.

Brand Introduction

Tantan is designed to find and interact with new people. Founded in 2014, it is now present in more than 88 countries and regions and has more than 300 million users on the platform, as per September 2019 data.


  • First-ever India-specific marketing campaign launched by Tantan
  • Launched during Valentine’s Week to attract a female audience to download the app
  • Channels & Platforms: Male and female influencers on Instagram and TikTok; Collaboration with Ok Tested and ScoopWhoop for YouTube and Editorial

Problem Statement/Objective

  • Increase brand awareness in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India
  • Increase women users on the app
  • Improve brand perception among users


  • Leverage Valentine’s Day/Week to attract single females in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Indian cities to download Tantan
  • Highlight the features of the app (Verification, Interests) to kill online dating-related apprehensions in the minds of the female audience.  


  • In India, online dating is still considered to be a big decision in a woman’s life.
  • To make her try online dating with Tantan, it was essential to influence her decisions through someone whose opinion she trusts/ who she idolizes. 


Tantan invited influencers to download the app and announce their presence to their followers, explaining how they’re trying to find their perfect match on the app. This was an attempt to make Tantan more aspirational and attract its followers to download the app.

Men Influencers #YourManOnTantan

As a part of this campaign, influencers had to download Tantan and post a picture of their profile on the app on Instagram aiming to attract the attention of the female audience to look for them. They also had to mention how they’re trying to find the woman of their dreams, their ideal match through Tantan and what they can do because of Tantan’s interest feature.

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Female Influencers #MyManOnTantan:

As a part of this campaign, influencers had to talk about who they consider their ideal man, or what qualities do they look for in their man. They also had to mention how they’re trying to find this man through Tantan, which has interest-based features to find the right match for them.


Partnered with mega influencers on TikTok (>1 million following each) to highlight the app features – Swipe Around The Globe, Interests Feature and Verification feature.

Content had influencers pairing up and showing real-life problems related to relationships and dating, which could easily be solved through the Tantan app.


Partnered with OkTested for a YouTube Video to subtly highlight different features of the app and share their experience/opinions on online dating.


  • Finding the right balance between subtly and explicit brand promotions: Since the brand is in the awareness stage, subtle communication couldn’t have worked for them and explicit promotion invited negative audience comments. 
  • Finding the right influencers: Influencers who are single and not openly dating; who have a substantial amount of women audience between the age group of 18-35
  • Absence of India-specific social media accounts by the brand
  • Improving brand perception considering the previous negative sentiments of consumers regarding the app


  • Duration of the Campaign: Valentine’s Week (7th Feb – 14th Feb)
  • Instagram: 15 Female (Beauty, Lifestyle and Fitness) and 15 Male influencers (Actors, Lifestyle and Travel)
  • TikTok: 10 Mega Influencers (all >1 million followers) produced 3 videos each – highlighting 3 different app features
  • YouTube: OkTested collaboration
  • ScoopWhoop: Article on Online Dating and finding your right match through Tantan.


  • 2.5 million + reach across platforms
  • 10% average increase in female users in a week (more impact expected in the coming week)
  • Increase in brand awareness (esp in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities)
  • Increase in positive brand sentiment


Zhibai Han, Vice President, Revenue and International, Tantan said, “India is one of the largest markets for us because of the great demographic dividend and the deep internet penetration.”

“We saw an increase in the purchase of paid features in February, indicating more planning to get a partner for V’Day. The number of swipes also peak one day before Valentine’s, in fact, we saw an obvious increase in active time per user since February 1.”