Global Samosa: Ellen DeGeneres questions,"What did people do before Alexa?"

Meghna Lall
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Amazon Alexa

Ellen DeGeneres marks her Super Bowl debut with wife, Portia, wondering about life before Alexa in a new Amazon campaign.

Amazon launches its 60-second spot visualizing life before Alexa. The campaign features Ellen DeGeneres, who marks her debut in the Super Bowl spot paired with a partner, Portia de Rossi. Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon shared this commercial on his Twitter account.

The advertisement commences with Ellen ordering Alexa to turn down the thermostat and pondering upon the lives of people before the voice-controlled convenience got launched. Soon, the visuals change to the comedian's living room to an undefined time period where a maid physically turns down the temperature by throwing two flaming logs out of the window.

The next scene features a queen from the 1600s ordering her court jester, "Tell me a joke" but he has zero jokes to crack. Next, a boy sells a newspaper with "Fake News" written all over it. Lexi is shown to think that the Earth is flat. The commercial comes to ends with Ellen and Portia sitting in their car when DeGeneres asks Alexa to play her favourite song.

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Basically, life before is projected to be purposeless and the need for Alexa in today's day and age is highlighted. Alexa has plays the role of life-assistant today.

With this advertisement, Amazon joined the club of supporting queer visibility via Super Bowl spots. Others include TurboTax, Pop-Tarts, Microsoft, Olay, Sabra, and Doritos.

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