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Google Oscars campaign

The Google Oscars campaign revives your favorite movies and shows how you can go from experiencing visual reality to actual reality.

This Oscars season, Google pays an ode to few classic movies and their iconic scenes, by depicting the capabilities of a search engine & web mapping service, and how you can relive the magic of movies, through their campaign.

Classic cinema can take you to an unseen place and through the depths of space, and Google publicizes the experience of reliving it, by actually living it, by using Google to find the movies' real locations.

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The advert portrays how viewers can use Google's products and services, to find the locations of their favorite movie scenes, and pull off their whole trip with just a few taps scrolls.

The brand promotes its features such as Navigation on Google Maps, through the two types of views for walking navigation: the 2D map and Live View. As Live View enables users to see directions & surroundings as for its place in the real world, the brand uses this experience to foster their offerings.

The minute-long advert released along with a 15-second cut broadcasted during the telecast of Oscars 2020 92nd Academy Awards that garnered a viewership of 23.6 million.

A 30-second ad slot during the telecast cost advertisers an estimate of $2.2 million. Google shared the showcase with brands such as Cadillac, Verizon, Budweiser, Hennessy and more. Google presents another marketing spectacle after their Super Bowl 2020 campaign - Loretta, an intimate narrative.

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