Harley Davidson takes content route with #FreedomStoriesIndia

#FreedomStoriesIndia, digital series by Harley Davidson deciphers riding for bikers and celebrates their devotion to ‘freedom machines.’

Harley Davidson’s #FreedomStoriesIndia unleashes tales of riders across Mumbai who confess the true meaning of riding for them. It is an initiative that seizes the journeys and ideologies of passionate members of the Harley Owners Group. The first episode of the series showcases the relationship shared by the first seven Regional Directors of the community with their riding machines & the bond.

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In this campaign, riders share philosophies enabling them to escape into a whirlwind of liberation, passion, and meditation. While the riders answer what inspired them to start their journey, there are seven different answers to it. For one, it all started with the movie, “Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man.” Riders also divulged into experiencing a nirvana state of mind. The campaign highlighted how the childhood freedom of a rider is refreshed when he sets into the expedition of discovering the depth of his personality as he travels to the deepest ghats.

Speaking about the film, Sajeev Rajasekharan, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson India, said, “#FreedomStoriesIndia displays a special flavor of the H.O.G. community to the world. Harley-Davidson has always stood for freedom of expression and the video series beautifully captures this. Over the last decade, Harley owners have stood by us and have helped us to grow from strength to strength and this campaign is our way of celebrating the H.O.G. community. Our focus has always been to put our riders at the forefront and with #FreedomStoriesIndia, we have nailed it.”

The piece also emphasizes on how one should just stop by, smell the roses, reap the benefits of life and go on to explore. While the campaign captures the scenic beauty of the outskirts of the city and mountains, the lyrics of the background music center concepts such as revelation, destination, evolution, education, motivation, escalation, and dedication. A humorous take on the experience is shared when a rider claims, “Life without Harley is like marriage without love.” In the end, the video features the group of seven riders sitting around a bonfire, catching up on life and sharing their revelations of freedom.