How Tag Snag helps find popular & relevant tags for YouTube videos

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YouTube tags

Tag Snag, a Google Chrome extension can help you find popular tags on YouTube for your video and also grab all your competitor's tags.

The tool can help you grab all tags from a single video, bag all video tags from the top ten videos of a search keyword and copy tags for your own videos on YouTube.

Once you've downloaded the extension and toggled it on, you would see the Tag Snag button on the right corner of the top toolbar, besides URL.

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If you want to bag tags from a single video, open the video in a new tab (important), select 'Single Video' and tap 'Snag' and then click 'Copy'. To bag tags from multiple videos, search for the keyword, while you're on the window showing search results, tap the Tag Snag button, select 'Multiple Videos', then tap 'Snag', and click 'Copy'.

The extension created by Maxwell Pepper was first featured on Product Hunt. The tool can be fairly beneficial for up & coming creators who produce engaging content but are not hands-on with the distribution part of it.

Although, using this tool would be ethically wrong, as tags play a significant role in a video being discovered, and the creators whose videos are performing well would have gone through research and mastered it with experience, which one would be grabbing with a few clicks.

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