Indian Agency Awards 2020: Nomination categories unveiled

Indian Agency Awards 2020 orAgencyCon Categories

As we move forward with the second edition of Indian Agency Awards and AgencyCon, here’s all you need to know about the nomination categories.

It takes a herculean amount of effort to bring forth a campaign that crosses the threshold of a successful campaign in the digital realm. Social Samosa launched Indian Agency Awards to celebrate the doers who make the campaigns happen.

An agency is quintessential to being the place where the real action happens behind most successful campaigns. The humongous rate of pressure and the breakneck speed these entities work with is nothing short of a superpower. Social Samosa presents a platform to commemorate such agencies who have led by example and fervor of never backing down in the process.

As the nomination deadline approaches in the next two weeks and we foray into the virtual world with our final event on 20th May 2020, here’s a look at the 25 agency categories and 15 individual categories for agency professionals. Take a look at these to understand where your entry fits best.

Agency Categories:

1. Performance Marketing Agency of the Year

Numbers, numbers & numbers! If you are an agency that is result-oriented and all about meeting the target numbers for a social media campaign, then you should nominate yourself under this category.

2. Digital Agency of the Year

If you believe in acing the game of digital marketing and is updated with this dynamically changing world, this category is for you.

3. Media Agency of the Year

One of the key factors for a successful campaign is the segregation of media channels and the challenge of allocating the budgets for the same. If you are an agency that has become a maestro at the art, then this is the category for you.

4. Creative Agency of the Year

Have you worked through the creative ideas & communication pieces for those viral campaigns amidst the clutter and diminishing attention span? Then, this is the category for you.

5. Social Media Agency of the year

These agencies toil for that one social media post. They understand the axioms of social media platforms & align the right algorithm of a specific social media channel with the right kind of post creatives.

6. Specialist Agency of the year

Do you have a specialization in a specific field in the advertising & marketing arena? A niche area for which your agency is known? Agencies that offer dedicated services in a specialized area and ace it belongs here!

7. Mobile Marketing Agency of the year

If you ace the game of one of the most popular screens through your marketing tactics, this one’s for you!

8. Integrated Marketing Agency of the year

Agencies with expertise in providing holistic solutions to the clients under one roof should nominate themselves under this category.

9. Content marketing agency of the year

Agencies that create & distribute written material, videos and graphics at the right medium as per their digital marketing strategy.

10. Influencer Marketing Agency of the year

With the growing trend and changing requirement of the clients, if you have aced the game of influencer marketing and management, then you should nominate yourself here.

11. SEO Agency of the Year

The oil helping brands rank higher, SEO agencies ensure where brands stand. This category is dedicated to SEO wiz.

12. Digital PR Agency of the Year

“If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I’d spend it on PR!” – Bill Gates. Agencies who breathe the essence of this statement and are responsible for good PR stories nominate under this category.

13. Network Agency of the year

If being a part of a larger network while successfully delivering for your agency’s individual clients is a part of the DNA – participate in this category.

14. Independent Agency of the year

If you are a triumphant and under no affiliation, independently behind successful campaigns and humane brands, then nominate here.

15. Agency network of the year

The agency networks or parent companies that are present to provide leadership guidance, and support to the family of entities under the parent name can nominate here.

16. Ad Network of the year

The ad networks that have mastered the supply and demand of their clients in the advertising world, this is the category for you.

17. Agency of the Year – North

This category is for agencies ruling North India with their work.

18. Agency of the Year – South

Proud of path-breaking work in the South? Nominate here.

19. Agency of the Year – West

The agencies that have dominated the region with their exceptional work.

20. Agency of the Year – East

Do you rise in the east with your mesmerizing work with each project? Nominate here.

21. Thriving Agency Culture

Amidst all the stress and jam-packed timelines, do you still manage to thrive because of a conducive work environment? This is the category for you.

22. Rising Star of the Year

Are you 5 years old or less in the industry? Despite being a new player, have you managed to leave a mark in the media & advertising space? Nominate here.

23. Disruptive Agency of the Year

Rules no bar, creativity no bar, ideas no bar! Creating marketing axioms through simple yet innovative ideas and in turn disrupting the cluttered marketing world through your work. If you fall in this category, nominate here.

24. Monumental Agency of the Year

Agencies that created a landmark impact in the Ad world.

25. Buzzing Agency of the Year

The agencies that kept the conversation going throughout the year leveraging moments, topicals, and more.

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Individual Categories

1. Agency Head of the year/CEO

The captain who led the parliament despite obstacles, the industry leader who has re-written marketing rules through innovative ideas for growth and development.

2. HR Person of the year

The individual that brings all pieces of the puzzle together to create a team behind the machinery. This award goes to the person for the right set of hiring and ensuring a great work culture for the team.

3. Young Achiever of the year

Have you stirred the M & A industry you hit 30? Nominate here.

4. Network Head of the year

Heading a network ain’t an easy task! Nominate under this category if you have accomplished growth in the right direction for a network.

5. Digital Marketing Person of the year

The individuals who have explored new social media channels and led the clients to achieve successful campaigns, dominating the digital marketing field.

6. BD person of the year

It isn’t just about ideas. Ideas are for the clients brought on the plates by the players of this department. BD person of the year is awarded to the individual who has a track record for successful pitches, getting clients, and more.

7. Media Planner of the year

This individual is the master of aligning the right medium with the right proportions of money for a campaign. A person who has his/her numbers at the fingertips!

8. Content Marketing person of the year

The professionals who are not just the thesaurus bees bringing magic through words but understand how to leverage content as a marketing vehicle

9. Analyst of the year

The people behind the marriage of data and insights and winning the game of numbers & analysis nominate under this category.

10. Strategist of the year

The individual who knows what to do with the data and insights, transforming it into a winning-strategy for a campaign.

11. Creative Person of the year

The workers who create designs that stand-out in a given deadline, redefining rules of creativity.

12. Account Director of the Year

The leaders that manage the client-agency conundrum seamlessly taking the reins of challenging decisions.

13. Social Media Person of the Year

The individuals who have leveraged trends and created new, challenging norms on one of the most favorite channels of today.

14. Corp Comm person of the Year

This individual is behind coverage and consistent storytelling on behalf of the client. Not to mention handling journalists and in-house teams all at the same time. Nominate here.

15. Influencer Marketing Person of the Year

If a person knows how to align authentic influencers with the brand objectives for target consumers, this is their category.

Now, that you are familiarized with the categories, where do you fit in? The last date to nominate is 30th April 2020. Nominate for agencies categories now. To nominate yourself for individual categories, register through this link.

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