Infographic: How Small businesses can boost sales on LinkedIn

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Feb 21, 2020 04:01 IST
LinkedIn sales infographic

This infographic will help you build your business's presence on LinkedIn by increasing brand reach and boosting sales.

As LinkedIn is a network of professionals, the audience available on the platform has a substantial amount of purchasing power. So, if your target audience matches the demographics of the 645 million-strong userbase, this infographic is the assistant you need, to build your company and improve sales.

The functioning theme that most of the marketing revolves around on LinkedIn is 'informative content'. The tips and tricks highlighted in the infographic would help you position as a source of informative content and showcase your products and services through the content shared.

Moreover, according to a LinkedIn analysis, sales professionals who regularly share content are 45% more likely to exceed quota. Informative content can work wonders on LinkedIn, from building goodwill to creating conversions.

Along with hosting the potential target audience, LinkedIn also offers a string of advertising solutions and tools for measurement of the success of a campaign.

The LinkedIn infographic further delves into creating an effective LinkedIn Page, how to grow your followers, and build a presence that would help boost sales.

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LinkedIn Sales Infographic

This infographic is produced by Daily Infographic.

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