New trending formats for brands to try next week

Trending formats

If you are looking for new trending formats to include in your weekly plan, read on to know of some of the best we have spotted recently.

Towards the end of the week, social media is often flooded with trending formats that can be saved and leveraged as and when required. This week, we spotted about five intriguing formats that businesses can put to use if they find it relevant to their brand communication.

These include #TruPytha that deals with the Pythagoras theorem and #MailedIt that gives the brands the option to turn their mailer’s subject line into a creative.

#MyTypeChallenges leverages the keyboard and predictive text feature in a smartphone. #RealPermissions puts forth a statement about the brand with the options, nudging people to agree with them.

On Twitter, YouTube India and Google India started a textual format that is likely to remind poetry lovers of a nonet.


Inspired by the Pythagoras theorem, the #TruPytha challenge is an option you can try to depict three related qualities of a brand. Of these, two should be such that they lead to the third, which is the hypotenuse in this case.


In the #MailedIt trending format, brands can put forth email references that are in sync with their offerings. Just write the subject as it would appear in a pop notification of your subscribers and you are good to go!


#MyTypeChallenge makes use of the keyboard interface of a smartphone with focus on the predictive text feature. The format can be leveraged by a brand to put forth the narrative of how they are a preferred choice.


Quite a few brands this week made creatives around #RealPermissions. The format lets the brand put across a sentence with an option to either allow or deny, another play on the interface of a smartphone.

Twitter format

Between Google India and YouTube India, a textual format ensued when the latter quoted tweeted the former’s tweet. The conversation was around the plight of singles around Valentine’s Day, hilariously so.

If you are planning to use any of these trending formats, do drop us an email at [email protected]