Snapchat amplifies AR capacity with Ground Transformation

Snapchat AR Ground Transformation

Snapchat launched a new AR effect that transforms the ground through the Snap camera view to landscapes of water, lava, and more.

Snapchat has brought forth AR creativity, time and again, especially after users’ response to lens studio. In a recent update, Snapchat presents its evolving AR tool with the launch of the new ‘Ground Transforming’ AR effect.

How does the visual effect work?

As explained by Venture Beat, the real-time ground segmentation system uses machine learning models to understand geometry and semantics, isolating obviously ground-based objects from contrasting backgrounds.

This enables users to swap solid pavement, carpeting, or other terrains for bubbling lava or reflective water through their Snap camera view.

The platform has earlier introduced many such real-time augmented reality effects such as the one for sky segmentation.

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Snapchat’s advanced AR capacities have already paved ways for brands that have leveraged its complex features. One such feature is the ‘ Snapchat Scan’ option. Last year, several brands such as McDonald’s & Coca-Cola enabled users to scan a brand logo to unlock branded AR experiences.

Further, the platform’s consistent partnership with brands and experiences by the users highlight its complex & added capabilities.

While the practical implications and impact of such features still remain in question. But the App’s perpetual updates, now with the Ground Transformation AR effects can lead it to a new realm of promotions that can be leveraged by brands & advertisers.

Thus, Snapchat’s capacity to even identify objects & newer AR features can bring forth broader opportunities in the near future for the mutual benefit of the users and developers, alike.