Snapchat is testing a redesigned interface

Snapchat interface

The redesigned Snapchat interface contains the app’s first navigation bar, ‘Happening Now’ and more revamped sections.

The redesigned interface fragment which would majorly change the user experience on Snapchat is the navigation bar and the extension to five sections from three. Instead of swiping users can move to another section with a tap.

Snap Map has been moved beside the Chat section. Previously, users would pull the section down from the camera screen. The Discover section has been renamed to ‘Community’ and the Snap Originals section has been renamed to Discover.

An addition to the revamp is in-app breaking news headlines within the new feature known as ‘Happening Now’. Each headline can be tapped to view a news brief and a featured image. The news briefs are presented by publishers such as The Wall Street Journal and Now This.

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Snapchat has previously launched a dedicated news tab, creating a Democratic Primary Debate Channel for users that feature updates from US Elections 2020 Candidates on Snapchat, coverage from news publishers & users’ content within the ‘Discover’ tab.

A Snap spokeswoman told The Verge that they are exploring versions of the app to streamline navigation and soliciting feedback. “This test’s UI offers more space to innovate and increases the opportunity to engage with and discover even more of what Snapchat has to offer”.

Screenshot Credits: Casey Newton


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