#Superwomen2020: Unveiling the nomination categories

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#Superwomen2020 categories

Social Samosa's fifth edition of #Superwomen2020 registration is open for all the women leaders in the Media & Advertising industry across 5 categories. Here's all you need to know.

There are innumerable women trailblazers in the realm of media, marketing, and advertising who have revolutionized the industry with their hard work, creativity, leadership prowess - well, the list can go on and on... These torchbearers have scaled heights through their relentless efforts and out-of-the-box ideas.

The fifth edition of Social Samosa's #Superwomen is quintessential to being a platform that commemorates such 'Wonder Women' who have literally changed the marketing axioms and led by example.

As the nominations deadline approaches fast here's a look at the 5 categories - find out where your entry deems fit and get enrolling now.


From setting up a business from scratch to getting measurable results that translate into ROI, an entrepreneur is at the root of the inception of an idea that might have now transformed into an organization. If you think that you are someone who takes ownership and believes in driving the company, nominate under this category.

Brand Marketers

Brand marketers help in bringing the brand to the attention of their consumers, especially in this cluttered environment. A brand marketer brings forth revolutionary ideas in alignment with the business objectives. In many cases, they even direct the agencies/vendors to suit the requirements of the company

Media Leaders

A media leader directs ideas to the right channel to reach the target audience at the right time in the most optimum manner. A media leader usually is an amalgamation of analytics and strategy. Take pride in your work and nominate now.

Agency Professionals

Someone who has a blend of creativity capped with an analytical bent of mind and always ready to don multiple hats communicating with multiple teams - well that's the summary of agency life.


Can you influence a large group of people through quality content? Blogging or content creation is just not an easy game. It is like building a fraternity and empire for your platform, one video, article, or picture at a time. Requiring persistence and hunger to grow & influence, if you possess such qualities, nominate under this category.

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Now that you are familiarized with the categories, don't wait. Nominate yourself or a deserving friend/colleague you know in the best-suited category here.

The nomination deadline is on 19th February 2020.

All the entries received would be evaluated by our esteemed Jury Panel. The winners will be announced on the 8th of March.

For more details or any queries on #Superwomen2020, write to us at or tweet to us at @Social_Samosa.

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