I know you need to see #ThisRange of brand posts

#ThisRange brand posts

#ThisRange of brand posts showcase the varied collections of products & services these brands have to offer.

With blatant brags about the span covered, diverse assortments, and an exhibit of an extensive range of products, #ThisRange brand posts enter unapologetically.

The template was first floated by KFC India, followed by Netflix India and soon the social media spots were filled with this topical.

The template that can display a brand’s range was left out by almost no sector. The trend observed brands from the electronics sector showcasing their range of products, OTT and entertainment platforms displaying the range and genres of content, brands from the Food & Beverages sector displaying lip-smacking assortments and many more flaunting their range.

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KFC India

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Binge on a finger lickin' good range for a change!

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Sanyo India

Audible Suno


The Wish Maker

Sweet Truth

UNO Chicago Bar & Grill

Oven Story Pizza


Kindle India



The Good Bowl


Raymond Tailoring


iB Cricket

Tata Capital

Max Life Insurance

Hotstar Premium

Netflix India

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Rajpal Yadav? More like Range-pal Yadav.

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Panasonic Mobiles

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