Why short video UGC platforms are inevitable in social media marketing

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Feb 07, 2020 03:32 IST
Sanjay Vasudeva

Sanjay Vasudeva, Founder & CEO, BuzzOne Influencer Marketing envisages why videos will be the primary medium of conversations on social media and the significance of short-form video content.

The social media world is a rapidly changing environment like the uncertain and vigorous personality of its users. The rise, popularity and penetration of social media amongst the youth, middle-aged and even children make it an apparent medium to reach out to one’s target audience.

Marketers are now planning to allocate more than 50% of their budgets towards engaging social influencers to reach this target audience. One of the most pivotal needs for influencer marketing on social media is to focus on the audience who influence the behavior of target customers. If the target customer is largely young and young adults, it could be considered working with influencers on short video UGC platforms i.e.User Generated Content Platforms also known as User Created Content Platform (UCC) like YouTube, VMate, TikTok, Vigo, Likee, etc is the next best thing to do.

Their most significant feature is to shoot & share videos. Therefore, any UGC platform’s influencer marketing led the campaign for brands that will spin around influencers who are creating, sharing or live streaming videos which will help promote brands and make it look authentic and appealing to the influencer’s followers.

UGC platforms’ users are typically millennials, who love to use tech gadgets and are familiar with social media platforms which give them their own social space. They literally spend most of their time within the social media environment. This increased level of immersion naturally implies that newer, forward-thinking strategies and technology will be needed in order to reach and engage this young audience.

Influencer marketing agencies enable brands to run Influencer Campaigns effectively and help influencers to monetize their social presence too.  These agencies are responsible for conceptualizing and executing influencer led campaigns for brands across sectors - FMCG, automobiles, mobiles, beauty, sports, fashion, accessories, etc.

It is inevitable for any brand to have an online presence today especially on short video apps. UGC platforms or short video apps from the main elements of social media marketing campaigns because of its numerous advantages.

Everyone is buying the smartphones with Video making capabilities and hence more and Influencers are leveraging it to tell their stories

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We also See that IGTV would be a key

platform in the coming times

  • Consumers trust UGC platforms more than any other medium of content here the consumers feel directly connected with the influencer when the influencer displays the functioning of a product or even simply shares a product. It also helps in establishing brand loyalty.
  • When short video app users post their real-life experiences on these platforms, the content conveys brand value to others. This is because it is created by real consumers who have used and are aware of the product which amplifies the brand’s value and the trust people have in it.  These apps are also a platform for brands to communicate that they welcome user’s feedback and assure the quality of their products.
  • Consumers always have a greater fellow feeling to follow other consumer’s recommendations more than the brand itself. The common belief that loyal customers are the best marketers stands true.
  • UGC platforms are cost-effective for brands too. With more than 4 million followers of an influencer, brands can easily showcase their products to a large target audience at a much lower cost as compared to any other form of marketing.
  • These platforms also help brands to generate engagement on their e-commerce websites. Embedded shoppable posts are another unique way to engage users in a wonderful shopping experience on the brand’s own website which also attracts consumers to re-visit the website for repeat shopping.

The videos would be the primary medium of brand conversations on social media in the next 1-2 years.

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