Wonder Cement puts forth a cement bag’s perspective in latest campaign

Wonder Cement Campaign

The campaign, titled, ‘Har Raah Mein Wonder Hai’ traces the journey of a Wonder Cement bag from the factory to the family’s celebration of a new house.

In the recently launched ‘Har Raah Mein Wonder Hai’ campaign video, Wonder Cement tries to give consumers a glimpse into the journey of a cement bag. The brand hopes to let consumers be aware of the end to end logistics involved in the smallest aspect of building a house. The narrative tugs at the emotions of a probable homeowner, coupled with a background score that compliments the sentiment perfectly. 

“Through this campaign, we have captured the emotional journey of a cement bag through its perspective and depicted what it takes to lay the foundation of one’s dreams and turn them into reality,” said Sanjay Joshi, Executive Director, Wonder Cement.

The video has been executed in a digital-first format, designed specifically to run on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. With the growing popularity of IGTV, the cement brand has created an ad optimised for the channel. It is interesting because it speaks a lot about their target audience, the youth. Commenting on this choice, Joshi said, “Being the youngest Cement Company in the country, we want to reach out to the present generation and generation next digitally, which is one of the most powerful mediums of communication.”

Har Raah Mein Wonder Hai has been designed and conceptualised by Triature Digital Marketing & Technologies Pvt Ltd, the brand’s digital media partner. Sharing insight into the efforts, Joshi added: “Cement as a product poses a unique marketing challenge. Most consumers will build their homes once and therefore buy cement once in a lifetime. A cement company must connect with consumers emotionally. As a part of our communication strategy, we endeavour to reach out to a large audience of this country through digital.” 

“Our objective was to show that the cement produced at the Wonder Cement plant speaks for itself, its quality, trust and most of all perfection. The only way this was possible was to take the perspective of a cement bag and showing its journey of perfection from beginning till the end,” added Tarun Singh Chauhan, Management Advisor and Brand Consultant, Wonder Cement.