YouTube Updates: Web Interface, $100M funding & more

YouTube updates

YouTube updates include the platform changing its web interface, investing $100M in kids’ content and YouTube Music getting new features.

Web Interface

One of the important YouTube updates includes, the platform discarding the three-year-old redesigned web interface.

The change will be initiated in March this year. Users accessing YouTube through older versions of browsers might have to upgrade it, as it may not support the current interface.

Investment In Kids Content

A $100 million fund disbursed over three years would be dedicated to the creation of original children’s content on YouTube and YouTube Kids globally.

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The move also aims to aid creators that have been impacted, by the platform’s recent settlement with FTC. The investment’s objective is to smoothen the transition from YouTube to YouTube Kids for creators and provide financial support to the creators affected monetarily.

YouTube Music

Google is about to begin the transition of users, from Play Music to YouTube Music. Reportedly, the change is forthcoming and the internal beta version of the new YouTube Music might include Play Music’s functionalities.

Head Of Music at YouTube had confirmed your collection, playlists, and preferences on Google’s Play Music will be preserved and migrated to YouTube Music, in 2018.