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DigiChefs agency

How do we

define DigiChefs?

DigiChefs is a creative agency offering a full suite of Digital Marketing services to brands across industries. We are currently based in Andheri, Mumbai.

We were born in 2015 under the leadership of Deep Mehta & Marmik Ajmera. They worked in the same agency prior to DigiChefs & often discussed plans to start a venture of their own.

The discussions took root soon enough and they set out on this journey. Currently, we are a team of 30+ Chefs who have a lot of fun while aiming to create business impact.

What's in the name?

Everyone at DigiChefs loves food as much as they love

engagement. This held true with the founders as well, even before they embarked

on this entrepreneurial journey.

Having heard the phrase ‘recipe for success’ all their life,

they combined the two with their venture into the digital realm to give birth

to DigiChefs, which is short for ‘Digital Chefs’.

Like the chefs who create their recipe for a great dish, we set

out to create the recipe for the digital success of brands.

What do we do?

We offer full-suite digital marketing services and create performance-driven creative campaigns to achieve business growth.

Our core offerings include –

  • Performance

  • Content

  • Enhancing

    Brand SoV
  • Brand

    Strategy & Design
  • Technology


The above offerings are realized using the following

services –

  • Social

    Media Marketing
  • Search

    Engine Optimisation
  • Paid

    Media (SEM, Social Media Ads)
  • Branding

    & Design
  • Brand

  • Email

  • Analytics

    & insights
  • Online

  • Web


Why we do it?

Because we love to. While there was no dearth of agencies in the country, our core motivation lay in two core opportunities that we identified early on:

  • One was to do what is being done but in a much more effective and efficient way.
  • The second was that while creative solutions were something being offered aplenty, the performance was being deeply ignored.  

Till today, these two challenges fuel our drive to deliver.

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How we


By ensuring we have

answers to the following questions -

  • What’s happening?- We keep our hands on every trending pulse.
  • How do we grow creatively to keep up?- We also run stimulating activities like speed ideating, mock campaigns, rebranding exercises, OG challenges & much more.
  • How do we sustain this growth?- The golden rule that keeps us humble & hungry to spear through effectively – Always keep learning, unlearning & relearning


responsibility in social media

While it is an agency’s job to ensure that whatever is being marketed gets marketed in the best possible way, it is also our role to ensure it is marketed in the right way.

Not every aspect of the quality being promoted lives up to the superlatives being used in the communication. And that’s alright. The challenge arises when a client demands false claims (that can potentially hurt the user) to be promoted as magical solutions. These are moments in every agency’s journey where they must choose between what is easy & what is right.

Some can be educated, some reasoned with & others denied. This is how we have always dealt with & continue to deal with such clients.

 The need of the hour

Where does

inspiration end & plagiarism begin?

While lately, a few

agencies & brands have started taking a public stand against this, we need

to have a proper code of conduct in place. It is not about punishment. It is

about having the best practices in ‘intellectual property’ ethics laid out for

everyone to reflect upon.

We learned the hard way

That you need to

measure the ROI of your efforts.

While ‘hustle’ is the keyword for entrepreneurship, not every battle is worth fighting, all the time.

Did we just share that?

When we started out, we were a small team of just boys. It wasn’t by choice. It just happened. So, when we tried to balance the gender ratio by hiring female candidates, we faced a unique obstacle. Girls did not want to join a team of just guys. However, in a few months, things sorted themselves out as a few girls joined & that paved way for more.

They work

with us

We’ve worked with aspirational startups & inspirational brands, alike. They are - Delhivery, FlexiLoans, Organic Riot, Picostone, Jagaha & many more with some brands like Tata Motors, Tata Housing, Voltas Water, Bioderma, Business Standard, Skoda, etc.

The industry as we foresee

We are current living

in the ‘Moment’. Moment Marketing is the game right now. Everyone wants to

trend by either creating one or jumping on one and fame has become easy to

grasp. Therefore, this trend of trending topics, templates or days will

continue to dominate 2020.

However, that may not

be the case the next year. Moment marketing may lose its momentum as brands

& the audience reach their saturation point with the overdose &

eventual monotony of the trend.

So, what’ll take its




Basically, content

delivery that goes beyond basic interaction & indulges the user much more.

The precursors of it can be seen with the rise of Augmented Reality (AR) &

Virtual Reality (VR) in social media. Although still in its nascent stages,

they continue to grow at a very fast rate. Brands will thus have to adapt to

the changing tech to ensure their user-experience transcends beyond what it is


A day

without Internet

Much needed.

Especially when you’re in the creative process, unplugging from the digital

world can help discover brilliant ideas for the same. We all should try it once

a while.

Lastly, are you hiring?


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