Agency Feature: Digital Jugglers

Digital Jugglers

How do we define Digital Jugglers?

We are a team of skilled, creative individuals who share a passion for digital marketing. The inception of the digital era has created a whole new platform to practice marketing activities. Digital Jugglers is an initiative by Crazybrand Bazaar Pvt Ltd. The idea of the company came into existence in 2015 and in May 2016, it blossomed into a full-fledged business.

With a major focus on Marketing and Branding Consultancy, ‘Digital Jugglers’ has the full array of digital services including Digital Marketing, Public Relations (PR), Creative Campaigns, and more. The company also runs some Online Magazines and YouTube channels.

What’s in the name?

Social media marketing isn’t a-one-step ladder to success. It is a continuous juggling process of finding the best social marketing tools for a business. We juggle with various social marketing tools to find those tools for you which serve the interest of your business. Hence, Digital Jugglers was born.

What do we do?

We offer a wide array of services. Whether it is Branding consultancy, Website/Application Development, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Image Branding, PPC/CPC advertising, ERP/CRM, Lead Generation, Branding Videos, Corporate Presentations, Animations and more to choose from.

Why we do it?

We understand that marketing is a phenomenon applicable and required in all the sectors and the internet is an inexpensive and easily accessible platform to reach the target audience. It is necessary for a company to build its brand online to get a hold of the market in this highly competitive digital age. After all, you snooze you lose, right?

How we evolve?

We strongly believe that with our customers’ growth, our growth is inevitable. Our priority is to deliver our services to our clients in a way that facilitates customer satisfaction.  We’re evolving with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as the new trends in the marketing world along with the Internet of Things (IoT) and staying up-to-date with various marketing tools, their application, and guidelines.

Social responsibility in social media

Ethics is the most important aspect of any business. We don’t believe in practicing any such activity that may hurt the nation’s integrity, religious sentiments of the public, false information that may mislead the consumer or harm our Mother Earth. We prefer practicing marketing strategies as ethically and responsibly as we can.

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The need of the hour

Every working sector in India has an association who set up a model under which organizations function. Associations play a vital role in resolving conflicts out of the courtroom. Digital marketing is possibly the only sector where there isn’t any association. This is the key reason why there is no control over the rate at which marketing services are offered.

We learned the hard way

We came to existence in the 2016 and ever since our agency has assisted several businesses with digital marketing services in different parts of the part. With hard work and dedication, we are now working with clients from different cities of India and having our presence in Canada. We would soon start our operations in Dubai and other major cities of India.

Did we just share that?

We create a Communication group with all our clients for smooth communication. Last month, one of our clients sent us a message stating the fee of certain students had not come through. We, being sincere towards our work and clients; need, created posts for the same for their social media accounts.

After a few hours, our client informed us that the message was mistakenly communicated to us and was originally meant to be communicated to the students directly. We deleted the posts right away.

They work with us

We feel proud to say that we have a diverse set of patrons including Bhartiya Janta Party, Naturals, Toni and Guy, Sahara India and many more. Our services are extended to companies based in United States of America, in Canada – BabyBob, Sky Tour and Travels, in Dubai – Al Qada Group.

The industry as we foresee

According to studies, there are around 450 million active users on the internet. As per several researchers, this number is only expected to rise. In the coming years, every business will have to create a digital print of their own to thrive in the market.

A day without Internet

Several businesses conduct their day-to-day operation online. A day without internet can degrade the traffic on a company’s website and decrease the effects of digital marketing strategy; as a result, it yields a less positive outcome.

Lastly, are you hiring?