Agency Feature: Digital Kangaroos

Digital Kangaroos

How do we define Digital Kangaroos?

Digital Kangaroos is a digital marketing agency in North India. The team Digital Kangaroos offers a complete digital marketing plan to its clients with full transparency.

Started in 2017 with just a one-woman team and a laptop, today we are a bunch of more than 10 people offering specialized services. The team is led by our founder-Sania Gupta.

What’s in the name? 

We were looking for something quirky and catchy and then the sight of kangaroo jumps suddenly struck us. We couldn’t zero-down on anything better as we promise to make the clients’ brand value jump by leaps and bounds just like a kangaroo jump. The logo highlights a leg-raised kangaroo ready to take a big leap.

What do we do? 

We offer services in Web development, Graphic designing, Social Media Optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing, and Paid Marketing Campaign, and more.

Why we do it? 

While the founder was looking for work-from-home options, the field of content writing struck her. By providing specialized online marketing solutions, the brands could expand their clientele base as well as enhance their online visibility. This is just the humble beginning of lots that is to come.

How we evolve? 

We are blessed to have a team that is a keen observer and learner. Also, we recruit both, young and dynamic employees who infuse fresh ideas along with experienced people in the field.

Social responsibility in social media 

We strongly believe in- ‘What you sow, so shall you reap’. The clients are not a bunch of ignorant people anymore and each step we take can be backtracked. We ensure complete transparency with our clients by building a regular communication. We measure the results and let the client know the end-results of all that we endeavored to accomplish in a specific time frame. 

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The need of the hour 

Plagiarism and security are two issues of paramount importance that need to be paid heed to. Internet is a blessing except when it unapologetically portrays hate news, fake news, defamatory posts and character assassination. In India particularly the social networking laws are in a nascent stage and a lot has to be done to ensure the safety and security of one’s rights. 

We learned the hard way 

Success isn’t easy and neither was ours. The only tip that we use and would want others to follow is to be consistent and to believe in you.

Did we just share that? 

It was a little amusing when someone approached Digital Kangaroos online for digital marketing solutions and the negotiations happened via e-mails for a long time. To finalize the deal, we kept a meeting. To our amusement, the client turned out to be the founder’s school teacher. This was a moment for pride for us.

They work with us 

We are blessed to have worked all across the globe. The Big Hill Venue (Australia), Property Zone Canada (Canada) and Recruitize (USA) are a few of our international clients. We have worked on innumerable projects within the domestic borders such as Pashmoda shawls, Orthoderma Clinic, Canvas Real Estate, Kitty Shawls, Sahi hai na (customized T-shirt printing brand) to name a few.

The industry as we foresee 

Social Media is the buzzword and the name is here to stay. Undoubtedly brands have seen tables turning with the right social media strategies and this trend is the phenomenon of the future. Both large and small scale enterprises are catching up fast on the trend to gain online visibility and expand the client-base.

A day without Internet 

We cannot comprehend how people used to survive without the internet in the past and how a day without the internet would actually be. However, when we asked the founder, she says she craves for a holiday or a day-off without the internet to rejuvenate without work deadlines.