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How do we define Divo?

We are a digital media and music distribution company established in 2014. Dedicated to creating a better-connected world for everyone. We provide a portfolio of online video networks, brand management & music distribution.

An enterprise partner of YouTube in South India, Divo also attempts to monetize content on Facebook through watch time.

What's in the name?


are in digital, online and video space. Keeping 3 keywords we named our company

as Divo.

What do we do?

Online Video - Traditionally called YouTube MCN (like Culture Machine, BBTV, Freedom network, Sillymonks, Whackedoutmedia, etc). While we continue to be a YouTube MCN and a key focus area, we are a multi-platform network (MPN) as we serve content beyond Youtube.

Apart from our core services for youtube mcn/mpn services, we also have services such as production services like shooting, camera, studio facilities/post-production services like editing, VFX - are available exclusively to content creators regardless of their size or scale, and more.

Why do we do it?

Brick and mortar business are either changing their business models to an online one or beefing up existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies. So, there is a huge disconnect within the ecosystem when it comes to the digital world.

We wanted to be early movers in this space for the entertainment segment and that’s one of the main reasons we initially put our thoughts on this business. We have played some significant roles in enhancing the outreach for our customer's expectations. We believe that our company can be the digital face of our customer’s assets.

How do we evolve?

We started focusing on onboarding TV channels and film production houses to use YouTube as a monetizable platform for their content. Once we employed this strategy, we convinced Wunderbar films & Studio Green to own official digital video channels and they became the first production house to do it in South India. In Feb 2014, a new disruptive service and business model was devised for production houses – an end to end music distribution without selling IP/Copyright to traditional music labels.

In 2018, We became one of the largest original creator networks in South India with Content marketing services for brands - Branded content with youtube creators, influencer marketing, etc launched.

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Social responsibility in social media

We have not engaged with the black hat marketing like bot views, fake likes, etc. and we have also not engaged in apps/brands that encourage piracy.

The need of the hour

Since social networking laws are not properly drafted yet. We feel there must be rigorous guidelines formulated to have quality content without harming any groups' sentiments and other categories.

We learned the hard way

Through the experience gained over the years, we have employed some critical process in place which helps in delivering quality content. We have network guidelines in place and we try to educate our customers so that we coexist in the system happily.

Did we just share that?

We get trolled when there is a delayed post for the launch of a movie/audio even though the delay is not from our end.


work with us

  • Partners Video OTTs YouTube, Facebook, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Dailyhunt, MX player, iflix, google play, iTunes, etc
  • Music Stores Digital Stores Mobile Operators Radio stations & more: Telcos, TV channels, etc
  • Few of our content partner Hindi Reliance Entertainment Jio Studios Tamil Wunderbar Films Lyca Productions, Ondraga Entertainment Kalaipuli S Thanu Sun Network / Sun Pictures Kannada PRK Audio Paramvah Studios Malayalam Manorama Music.

The industry as we foresee

With the rapid uptake of digital consumption, it is imperative for organizations to segment and to understand the current and prospective digital world.

In another decade, the digital consumers in India will be most likely non-English speaking, mobile phone users, from a developed rural/non-metro urban setting and who is increasingly willing to pay for content online.

There might be 400 times increase in enthusiasts and sophisticated user segments in the category.


day without Internet


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