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How do we define HIcentrik?

We are a diverse and multifunctional squad of professionals and creators based in Jaipur.

That being said when we call ourselves a digital marketing company, a lot of brainstorming goes in standing out of the Digital box of services.

What's in the name?

HICENTRIK has HI as its initials, Human Intelligence is not hard to comprehend! We are friends with automation (AI) until we get to be the manager of AI and not vice versa. Hence, the name.

What do we do?

We tell the world that a brand exists and you might

want to explore its magnificence.

SMO, SMM, SEO, SEM, Brand Management, Reputation Management & Lead Generation.

Why we do it?

To create a benchmark ‘digitally’, we are driven by the passion to craft brands in unexplored ways.

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How do we evolve?

Well, the journey has never stopped being entertaining. From a small cell, we have now become a crawling child and aim to soon become a full-fledged company.

Social responsibility in social media

Social Responsibility not only falls on the shoulders of an agency but also on the individuals scrolling on the screen. It is a collective responsibility of the source and receiver to deliver information followed by consuming and perceiving the information in the same direction as it intents to flow.

The need of the hour

The need of the hour is to utilize digital resources with much-needed precautions. We believe that the World Wide Web is a two-sided coin that can make or break you. Use the resources wisely and in an optimized manner.

We learned the hard way

The basic challenge every business faces is getting the right set of talent and matching it with the need. We have learned and still learning that minds have an upper hand over the resume.

Did we just share that?

We usually prepare a social media calendar well in advance, it helps in planning, approval, and scheduling.

They work with us

Jaipur International Film Festival, Jaipur Film Market, Unique Group UAE, Kamelia  Cleantech FZE, MMO FZE, EKC International FZE, Jaisalkot Resort, Chumbakk Cafe.

The industry as we foresee

Social Media is a part of life and has become eligible to be included in Maslow’s hierarchy theory; a theory defining life. We do see this specific industry as a default setting in every other industry of any sector. Without social media as plainly as we can say this there is no validation and verification for your work.

A day without Internet

Digital detox? Well, it's quite important to take a day off from the internet. ironically, by the evening we shall be posting whatever we did while on the same.

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