Agency Feature: WebShakers

WebShakers Agency Feature

How do we define WebShakers?

WebShakers is a full-service agency founded in 2018 and we are based in Mumbai, India, and the USA. WebShakers is founded by Hiloni Punatar. We are a group of like-minded individuals, ideating and experimenting with new ways aiming to give a distinctive performance.

What’s in the name?

We are here to shake up the industry and that’s where the idea of the name comes from. The goal is to form a new wave in the Marketing world by providing AR and AI-driven marketing services.

What do we do?

We are your omnichannel partner in digital marketing and offer end-to-end marketing and technology services to our clients. We aim to provide data-driven analytical solutions with a creative and strategic outlook.

Here are the services that we provide –

Digital Marketing, Branding, Websites, SEO, SEM, Augmented Reality (AR), AI-driven Analytical Solutions, Video Production, PPC, and Online PR.

Why do we do it?

We do it because communication is the need of the hour and everyone is looking for immediate gratification of this unsatiated thirst to know things.

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How we evolve?

One word, Knowledge. At WebShakers, we evolve because we never stop learning, be it from people known and unknown, we gather information through our extensive research capabilities and make sure what we learn reflects in our work.

As a team, we divide knowledge into 3 parameters.

  • To know what’s out there that we can use.
  • To know where we went wrong and how we can improve.
  • To know when it’s time to unlearn and to start afresh.

This is what helps us evolve and yes, it’s an everyday activity.

Social responsibility in social media

Social media that’s full of trends, memes and one social responsibility that all agencies have is to provide the right information. Information that can be backed with proofs or facts when you cater to the audience.

The need of the hour

We think the need of the hour is to sustain the authenticity of the brands by disruptive tech-based marketing with the help of machine learning, data assimilation and evolving with AR and VR. Besides the content, it’s essential to learn the brand thoroughly to understand how we can place it in the market.

We learned the hard way

One thing that we have learned the hard way is to always get things documented regardless of how trustworthy relations you have with clients. Once, on the basis of verbal agreement and trust in the client, we made an extended effort to meet the client’s expectation by working over the weekends. It backfired on us and we never got our dues cleared.

They work with us

We boast a versatile number of clients from the NBFC industry with InCred to the Architecture industry with ACETECH to the lubricant industry with Velvex Motor Oil. In the Pharma industry with Cipla, Fashion industry with Brand Factory and BFSI with Indiabulls.

The industry as we foresee

We are living in the age of authentic marketing. Brands not only focus on who they are but more importantly, how they differ from competitors. To win the constant and never-ending trust of your audience, relevant and relatable marketing will become the foundation of every campaign that will run on any and every marketing platform.

2020 is all about a conversation between advertisers and users where platforms like TikTok will keep growing due to their user-generated content. Knowledge of other platforms & how they play together would be interesting to learn in 2020.

Technological services like Podcasting, Voice-based and voice search based services would grow, AR will make it easier for brands to explore with Instagram filters seeing a boom in usage. Seamless product promotion and launch will be driven by online chat marketing.

A day without Internet

Would you even call it a day? We certainly won’t. Although if and when the Armageddon strikes, we would choose to go old school with a book and pen and get work done regardless.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes. Here are some profiles we are looking forward to –

  • Google Ad Expert
  • Graphic Design intern
  • Client Servicing Associate
  • Junior Content Writer