COVID-19: F&B brands leverage Instagram to reiterate hygiene measures amid pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has directly impacted F&B brands due to consumer paranoia, and rumours. We take a look at how F&B brands are generating faith among consumers by sharing the safety & hygiene measures undertaken by them, on social media.

The F&B brands are facing the wrath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, and Food Delivery Services are facing dire losses with numerous jobs at risk, and few of them on the verge of shutting down or functioning while bearing losses.

On 16th March 2020, Praveen Pardeshi, Municipal Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai announced the implementation of containment measures in the city of Mumbai. Besides a few other exceptions, those establishments "Providing food, vegetable, groceries" were excluded.

And, officially or unofficially, the whole country or in fact most countries are implementing containment measures, with several parts of the world being on complete lockdown. In such a scenario, consumers are getting increasingly concerned, and you don't have to look too hard to see the consequences this ecosystem is facing.

Apart from rational reasons, there are also several other myths, rumors, and perceptions that surround the virus that is negatively affecting the industry.

Last night I went to a famous street-side joint in Andheri, known for its Momos. It was around 11 o'clock, usually when all of the momos are sold out and they're closed.

But they were open. In fact, they were packing up several boxes of unsold momos. As I began eating, a group of boys passed by shouting "Go Corona Go! Sabko Maro", mocking the workers' for their Chinese-like looks.

This is just one live example, several Chinese and non-vegetarian restaurants face similar issues. Vijay More, Managing Director of Amir Chicken told The Hindu Business Line that as the virus started spreading a rumor floated that eating chicken caused the viral infection which led to a 70% decline in the business.

To tackle this rumor the Pune-based organized meat retailer announced a prize of ₹5 crores to anyone who can prove that eating chicken and eggs causes the infection.

The situation is the same all around the world. Stories of many being laid off in the restaurant business and establishments being shut down are prominent.

How do restaurants deal with the crisis?

By reassuring their consumers that necessary measures and precautions are being undertaken to maintain stringent hygiene and sanitation.

Several restaurants, cafes, fast food hubs, food delivery services and more are using social media to communicate their efforts ensuring the safety of their consumers.

While measures may vary in words, several common practices that are being communicated, as observed are:

  • Periodic sanitation and scrub-down of the frequently-touched parts of the restaurant such as door handles, tables, etc.
  • Provision of necessary equipment such as gloves, masks, and more to the staff, along with necessary training.
  • Cleanliness of raw materials used.
  • Contactless Delivery.
  • Cooking Standards that make the food safe to consume.
  • Medical checks and temperature screening of all employees. Few places also screen guests.
  • Availability of sanitizers.
  • Food Delivery services are also communicating CTA to consumers, urging them to wash their hands before eating.

Food is essential for survival, but the degree to which a particular service is essential is subjective. Here are the restaurants, cafes, hubs and more that have communicated their efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The list is categorically collated, so we start with Fast Food hubs, Pizza places, restaurants, and more.

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KFC India

McDonald's India

Burger King India

Taco Bell India

Domino's Pizza India

Pizza Hut India


1441 Pizzeria

La Pino’s Pizza

Behrouz Biryani


145 Cafe & Bar

Toast & Tonic

The Colonial Palate

Starbucks India

Coffee Culture

Coffee By Di Bella

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Stay safe, stay healthy! ☕

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The Boston Cupcakery



Chai Pe Charcha

Mad Over Donuts

Le 15 Patisserie + Cafe



Mandarin Oak

Baskin Robbins India

BOX8 - Desi Meals

Goila Butter Chicken

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It is what it is, we are in an uncharted territory as the entire hospitality industry across the globe is, and we are taking measures in accordance with the local and state govt. For now GBC is delivering food to your doorstep until we are asked to shut and are sparing no effort to ensure that the food you receive has been prepared, like always, with the best possible hygiene standards. Anyone entering our cloud kitchen, be it a delivery partner or our team member, are allowed in only after their temperature has been checked and their hands and our surfaces have been sanitized. What is also important for us apart from consumers is the safety and well being of our own employees, and most of them come from small towns or villages and can't afford to be financially or physically insecure and we will be supporting them in these tough times even if it reaches a point where we have to shut the kitchens for a while and helping them with just food, water and resources. Until then you can continue to order from Goila Butter Chicken, fully secure with the knowledge that we are doing whatever it takes to ensure that you just get lip-smacking food from us and nothing else. All our deliveries are executed through delivery partners, Zomato & Swiggy, who have themselves implemented strict hygiene practices for their team. I hope you guys are staying put and making sure your community is safe and sound. This is not the end and I know we all fear for our lives but this right here is the kind of test that no one can prepare us for and we can only go through it together by being cautious and alert! Stay safe. ? . . . #goilabutterchicken #CoronakoROKNA #staysafe #corona #coronavirus #coronavirusinindia #covid19 #KaroNa #coronaalert #coronaindia #coronainindia #coronavirusoutbreak #covid19news #coronaawareness

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Zomato India

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stay safe, people

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If we have missed out on any of the establishments of the that have communicated their efforts in response to COVID-19, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

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