COVID-19: WhatsApp launches info hub

Whatsapp news Covid19 Info hub

In an attempt to stop the spreading of fake news through WhatsApp, the app launched a COVID-19 info hub. to provide accurate information. Additionally, WHO & the Indian Government have also created a bot on the app.

With #Covid19 taking over many regions across the world, WhatsApp becomes a crucial source of information and mode of communication. However, fake news shared cause many issues. To alleviate the problem of misinformation, WhatsApp launched a #Covid19 Info hub.

The new info hub will help people get access to accurate information associated with the pandemic. It urges users to access information through trusted information sources such as WHO or the national health ministries.

As per an update last week, Will Cathcart, Head of WhatsApp at Facebook, confirmed in a tweet that the platform aims to support everyone at the time of such a crisis and has launched a hub especially for educators, small businesses amongst others through the platform.

Additionally, the info hub shares tips to Health Care Professionals, Nonprofits & Local governments, educators and local businesses on how to stay connected and work using WhatsApp. It also includes information on how to stop the spread of misinformation and working remotely.

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Whatsapp has witnessed a spike in its usage over the last week with people video calling and communicating through the app. To support this and help people communicate easily, Facebook announced that it has doubled its server capacity.

Along with the launch of the information, Facebook also donated $1 million to the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) to help fact-checkers on WhatsApp. Earlier updates notified bringing forth a collaboration of WhatsApp and WHO to share data and facts over the platform & expand the services with ministries of health during a crisis.

Additionally, PM Modi announced the launch of a government back WhatsApp bot, MyGov Corona Helpdesk to get instant answers on COVID-19 symptoms and how one can seek help. Users can text +919013151515 (or click on this link to access the bot.