Facebook Spark AR Effects reviews & publishing suspended

Facebook AR Effects

AR Effects submitted to Facebook and Instagram will not be approved or published until further notice.

Few of the automated validation processes would remain active, so creators can get feedback on some factors of submission. They can also continue to use the Facebook Spark AR Hub and submit effects to be reviewed at a later date.

The update comes in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, as Facebook worked with partners to send Spark AR reviewers home, prioritizing their and their community’s health. An impact has also been seen Facebook ads, where approvals are late due to the same issues.

The platform mentioned that they are exploring alternatives so creators can start publishing, but they do not have concrete information as to when will this happen.

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Recently, Facebook opened up the Spark AR platform, moving it out of its Instagram publishing closed beta. As the hub is open for anyone to create and publish their own Spark AR effects on Instagram, the move might’ve also increased the recent flow of effects being sent in for reviews.

With several groups of employees being sent home or working from home, and Facebook’s involvement and priorities are now directed towards COVID-19, presumably, reviewing and publishing may not resume soon.


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