Ferns N Petals shares their take on eternal love

Flower Will was bought into existence by the Ferns N Petals campaign featuring Neena Gupta and Rajat Kapoor as a happy couple.

Ferns N Petals campaign discovered a new concept called, ‘Flower Will’ in its campaign starring actors, Neena Gupta, Rajat Kapoor, and Gaurav Keswani. Produced by Idea Basket Films, this piece highlights how love exists even beyond life.

Written by Jatin Chanana, this campaign presents a happy couple celebrating the wife’s birthday with immense zeal and enthusiasm by the husband. He prepares a cake and gifts her a bouquet of red and white roses supplemented by a romantic note. This is an annual tradition followed by the couple.

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Forwarded to next year, the wife receives their son’s call, she rewinds her memories of the past birthdays when the husband used to make her feel special while he was alive. Just then, the doorbell rings and delivery presents her with fresh red and white roses, just like those old days. The theme of eternal love seeps in, acknowledging the husband’s gesture of presenting flowers, regardless of his presence.

Flower Will comes into the picture when the wife receiving the present by her late husband which was delivered by Ferns N Petals. The campaign is released on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter. It is also being showcased in selected PVR spots and aired on Radio channels.