Global tech giants join efforts to respond to COVID-19

Paawan Sunam
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Global tech giants Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube will be working together on COVID-19 response efforts.

In a joint industry statement released by them, the tech giants would be working in association with government healthcare agencies for secure and credible information dissemination during the COVID-19 crisis.

They have also opened an invitation to other companies to join them and work towards improving the community's health.

The companies currently involved dominate the technology sector. Several users visit these platforms frequently to look up for information and stay connected to others.

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While most of these platforms have taken several steps to respond to the pandemic at individual levels, they are combining efforts to combat misinformation, elevate authoritative content on their platforms and share critical updates.

It has been observed that several users are trying to exploit the situation by running malware campaigns, spreading misinformation, populating COVID-19 related hashtags with insensitive and useless content.

While most platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Reddit direct users to WHO, curbing malpractices on the platforms is an ongoing issue.

All of these companies have a substantial amount of resources - financial & otherwise, they also have a considerable amount of influence in the real world, expectantly their combined efforts would help limit the negative impact of the crisis.

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