Godrej Protekt urges citizens to join #ProtektIndiaMovement against COVID-19

Godrej Protekt

COVID-19 has become an alarming issue in India and around the world. Considering the severity of the matter, Godrej Protekt launches an initiative called #ProtektIndiaMovement.

#ProtektIndiaMovement was rolled out with a digital anthem highlighting the importance of regular hand washing, featuring children as the messengers in order to create more awareness about hand hygiene. This also helps spread the message without creating panic. The brand believes it is important to be aware but not create panic.

Conceptualised by Creativeland Asia, Godrej Protekt’s digital anthem is developed with the understanding that although coronavirus is a pandemic that can potentially affect anyone, it can be prevented by simply washing hands at the right times. The digital anthem, as a part of #ProtektIndiaMovement highlights how important it is to clean hands not just when they are dirty and smelly but at regular intervals.

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The anthem is aimed at creating awareness and informing viewers about the different occasions when it is important to clean hands such as after sneezing, after using the washroom, before and after meals, after petting animals, and after touching doorknobs, doorbells, and other publicly-used equipment.

Commenting on the initiative, Sunil Kataria, CEO India, and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL), said, GCPL always pioneered programs against diseases posing a grave threat to public health. From EMBED focusing on the elimination of mosquito-borne endemic diseases like malaria to Godrej HIT Platelet Donor Helpline beating dengue by creating a ready pool of platelet donors, we have introduced programs with a large positive societal impact. With #ProtektIndiaMovement and this anthem, we want to make sure that the message of washing hands regularly and correctly is conveyed to every Indian.”

He further, adds, “As the Coronavirus threat looms large around the world and in India, it is time for us to do our bit. With handwashing being the biggest weapon against the virus, Godrej Protekt wants to reach every corner of the country where it is necessary and through relevant information want to reduce the risk of the virus and save lives.”

Godrej Protekt digital anthem will be launched across social media platforms through digital influencers, and also through Godrej Group entities. Under #ProtektIndiaMovement, Godrej Protekt will be looking at several other such initiatives as part of the ongoing campaign.