Infographic: 10 simple Personal Branding tips

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Mar 27, 2020 06:37 IST
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Personal branding infographic

Stand out on social media, while staying in. Personal branding is as important as corporate branding. Learn the art of building the professional you with this infographic.

Several individuals have established themselves as influential personalities by having built a powerful personal brand. This infographic will help you strategize your personal branding game.

India has an estimate of 376 million social media users in 2020. While most of us have an online presence, we use it to share daily happenings like eating out, partying & more and don’t really get anything productive out of it, but using your presence to build a personal brand can help you boost your professional career.

The infographic delves into practices significant to mould the professional you, such as getting a professional headshot, advocating content, and being discoverable.

Having professional photographs of yourself and advocating content are the most important pillars of personal branding. Professional photographs can always come in handy, along with looking professional, you can also use them for submitting entries for corporate awards or while giving inputs for an article.

Content creation and curation can help you take shape as a source of information and a content advocate. You can select your topics of interest, build a community of relevant individuals and engage wih them.

Your online presence is also perceived as an extension of your organization's image. Consequently, you have to stay cautious with your communication. We are all aware about instances such as employees getting fired over insensitive tweets on certain subjects.

Scroll through more tips & tricks to learn efficient personal branding through this infographic.

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personal branding infographic
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