Infographic: How to communicate on Pinterest during a pandemic

Communicating during crisis on Pinterest

These Pinterest Communication Tips will help you create valuable content on the platform to provide solace to users during COVID-19.

COVID-19 has left the world reeling in the wake of a global crisis. The current scenario has got people adjusting to uncertainty, self-isolation, and over or under exposure to loved ones. In such a scenario, communication with the end users demands sensitivity, empathy, and the sense of service – from brands, agencies, and publishers alike. Pinterest communication tips, might help sail through this.

Pinterest’s Andy Holton shares, “Creating content during a crisis can be a difficult balancing act. On the one hand, failing to acknowledge the current state can feel tone-deaf. On the other hand, without a delicate touch, copy can come off as opportunistic or insensitive.”

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The blog further shares that Pinterest usage at an all-time high, as people around the world look for how to remain safe and adjust their lives in response to COVID-19.

Taking a cue from this thought, Pinterest released an infographic that details tips to create valuable content for users looking for inspiration and positivity.

According to research, there has been a spike in the search volume for family health, work-from-home, and emotional well-being. Instead of communicating about COVID-19 directly, the infographic suggests that brands can leverage this opportunity to ease tension for consumers by alternative content.

Pinterest also shares tips in terms of how to design content that works best on the platform and is easy to consume. Overall content needs to be positive, original, relevant, and actionable, helping pinners cope through this crisis and keeping them inspired.

The infographic shares tips to help you master Pinterest Communication Tips in the times of a pandemic. This guide will help brands & agencies find the right balance and engaged with their consumers through the right touch points.