Instagram tests 'Video Reaction' option for IGTV

Aishwarrya Chakraverty
Mar 11, 2020 04:41 IST
Instagram IGTV update 2020

The platform is testing a video response option for IGTV that aims to enable users to now respond with their own video reactions.

Inspired by TikTok, Instagram is attempting to add the 'Video Reaction' option to IGTV. This initiative aims to enable the IGTV content creators to reply to the videos through their own video reactions.

The testing was confirmed by the reverse engineer for apps, Jane Manchun Wong, where she revealed that Instagram is working on these updates for IGTV.

Earlier, we had reported that Instagram might also update IGTV with monetization tools looking at providing more incentive to content creators. As per reports, more than 50% of marketers are producing videos on YouTube and Facebook but IGTV videos rank lower on the priority list for the content producers.

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While the IGTV Video reaction option would be similar to the TikTok Video reaction button that is known to superimpose the video reply on the original video; reports suggest that TikTok's 'short video' format makes it more conducive for such clips. For example, TikTok duet experiences have witnessed higher engagement responses in the past, thanks to this feature. However, IGTV is more focussed on longer-format content as compared to TikTok, it would be hard to imagine how this new update would exactly be executed on Instagram's IGTV.

Now, how do viewers get to react to the videos on TikTok? They just need to choose the 'React' option in the Share menu for a given video on the platform. The platform then records the video & the audio overlaying the video. Instagram may be aiming to do the same.

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