Instagram Updates in the wake of coronavirus

Instagram coronavirus updates

Instagram shares more updates on the on-going efforts to keep the users informed about coronavirus via credible sources.

As the coronavirus outbreak emerges to be a global pandemic, the platform has taken more measures to keep users informed and curb misinformation. Instagram shares more updates on the subject.

Initially, users on Instagram that search for Coronavirus-related terms such as hashtags – #coronavirus or #covid19, would see a prompt giving them an option to visit the WHO website.

Instagram coronavirus updates

Presently, harmful misinformation is being removed from the platform and resources such as WHO and local health authorities are being shown when a user taps on hashtags related to COVID-19.

Instagram coronavirus updates

The platform is banning ads attempting to exploit the situation, posts that seem misleading would be sent for reviews to Instagram’s fact-checking partners. Hashtags being used to spread misinformation would be blocked or restricted.

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Accounts of leading health organizations such as WHO continue to be shown when users search for COVID-19 related terms.

Instagram coronavirus updates

Instagram will start showing relevant and up-to-date information from sources such as local health ministries and WHO at the top of the Home Feed in a few countries.

Spark AR Studio, that creates augmented reality experiences for Facebook has announced that they’ve removed previously-published effects and are rejecting all new effects, which claim to predict, diagnose, treat, or cure coronavirus. These updates have also been shared by Instagram Comms.

And, unless any COVID-19 related AR effects were created in collaboration with a recognized health organization, users won’t be able to search for these effects.

Lastly, Instagram has developed a sticker to acknowledge health workers who have been working tirelessly to keep us safe. Available, in the stickers gallery, users can use the sticker to show gratitude to them on the platform.

Instagram coronavirus updates