No Smoking Day brand posts spark creativity

No Smoking Day brand posts

The pack of No Smoking Day brand posts is filled with inventive ideas that aim to drag the filthy habit out of smokers’ lives.

No Smoking Day is observed on the second Wednesday of March every year to encourage people to quit smoking. The objective of the day is to spread awareness about the adverse effects of smoking on smokers’ health and others around them. And, No Smoking Day brand posts join the initiative.

With approximately 120 million smokers in India, the country is home to an estimate of 12% smokers of the world. According to Factsheet India 2018 by WHO, Tobacco kills more than 1 million people each year.

To appeal to smokers to quit the addiction that gives pleasure (at first), social media brands present a line-up of creatives that urge users to quit the habit in a creative way.

Brands from diverse sectors have themed the creatives around this cause. Although, the spot was mainly populated by brands from the Healthcare and Insurance sector.

No Smoking Day brand posts have churned out some of the most ingenious creatives, such as Mahindra Happinest focusses on the 7,000+ chemicals present in each cigarette.

Entri App highlights the aging factor, ixigo calls attention to the better things you can do with money, Foxtrot offers a tastier replacement for a cigarette, Grabon says the discounted price is better than a discounted life.

More brand posts highlight the pains of smoking, so smokers don’t give in to the pleasure.

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Mahindra Happinest

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Fairfield by Marriott Indore

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