Panasonic's new campaign establishes its Connected ACs as the best

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Mar 09, 2020 08:00 IST
New Update
Panasonic MirAle

Have you ever woken up cold because of your AC? An instance where you really wish to have completed that sweet dream? If yes, the new Panasonic campaign is bound to hit home pretty hard! It is a humorous take on the unfulfilled dream of a man to be intimate with a girl he fancies. The narrative comes alive with a pinch of dismay that makes one chuckle a mischievous grin. It breaks down a technological concept into an everyday practical use-case scenario, making it easier for potential customers to consider Panasonic ahead of the upcoming summer season. 

Digging deeper into the proposition of Panasonic MirAle enabled ACs, a whole new range of possibilities come into being. It revolves around the ideas of comfort, convenience and staying connected. The target audience for the campaign understandably constitutes of metro city residents aching for innovative experiences to keep their minds off the everyday hustle in moments of rest. 

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Wouldn’t you love it if the AC would switch on/off based on the time of the day, external weather or even your distance from home! The technology behind these comforts is such that the Panasonic AC can set comfortable temperature profiles over a period of time and automatically schedule them in accordance to the recordings. The mechanism takes into consideration external pollution, external temperature and humidity, proving you with proactive service recommendations and filter replacement warnings.

Bonus: You can even involve Alexa and Google Home for help!

It is interesting how the campaign is talking to the youth with dispensable income, adding a new dimension to the way ACs are sold traditionally, to families. It doesn’t talk about the costs involved, rather the convenience and the luxury of having an understanding air conditioner beside you. The focus is on appeasing an audience that loves tech. Definitely an interesting turn in the way one looks at this appliance!

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