Reliance Market woos audiences with its musical campaign to celebrate India’s colorful festival Holi

Reliance Market

With a musical video, Reliance Market has expressed its role in joyous occasions, highlighting the range of products they offer and the consumers they cater to. 

In a bid to display the integral role the brand plays in the lives of people, especially during festivities, Reliance Market has rolled out a Holi campaign. The film is all about festive happiness and how Reliance Market is part of the community celebration and plays an integral role in making the festive occasion even more special for its members. Filled with music, joy and of course colors, the merry campaign reflects the diversity of consumers that can find such a space useful. The video also comes with a social message with the help of a character in khaki, reprimanding a notorious anti-social element with a look.

Colors thrown in the air are used as transitions in the narrative, each time introducing a new character. The consumer base highlighted in the campaign video includes a couple, a family as well as a Trader looking to buy products in bulk. The diversity reflects the various demographics that can choose Reliance Market to fulfill their daily as well as festive needs. 

Speaking about the campaign, Shantanu Saha, Vice President – Marketing, Reliance Market said, “The significance of Holi goes very well with our Brand Philosophy – Yahan sab Milega, Sab Milenge. Holi is all about coming together as a community and immersing oneself in colors and optimism, meet, greet, celebrate, forget, forgive & repair broken relationships. This musical film is all about festive happiness and will take you to a colorful ride through our stores and its diverse and exciting customers. We attempted to depict the euphoria and happiness shopper experiences while shopping at Reliance Market.”

From a marketing perspective, the digital film does a brilliant job in portraying multiple brand offerings, adding value and giving reasons for people to choose the supermarket as a space to shop. 

The music used to complement these efforts gives the characters a more real, relatable space in the tale. Performers in the background further help add the festive vibe, giving the frame a fuller look and feel.