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Snehalata Jain

As a new mother trying to balance her life with work, Snehalata Jain found a means to express herself as a blogger, creating Blogsikka.

Blogsikka is a space for Snehalata Jain to talk about parenting and travel. She looks at the world via the lens of a parent, creating content that is relatable for others starting out on a similar journey. She tells us more about her story behind becoming a blogger.

Looking back, where did it all begin? 

I completed my studies in the domain of microbiology and applied for the lecturership in the same domain. After working as a professor consecutively for 7 years, I wanted to take a break for my newborn baby. I apprehended that my daughter needs my complete attention. A year later, I went through the same process of applying for the position of professors in the colleges. While I was away from home, I always thought that my daughter needs me more. 

So, I quit that job and wanted to do something on my own or maybe some work from home opportunity. Then, I came across Twitter Influencer Marketing. Though I don’t have any background in this field I learned a lot from the Internet — paid courses from professionals, free videos on YouTube and a lot of articles on the web. I completely accept that the Internet is one of the best teachers that anyone can ever have in their life. 

Gradually, I started liking the concept of creating a community with the like-minded people who are miles away from you. Till then, I was sure that I wanted to do this. Then in the year of 2016, I started Blogsikka.

I was still in my learning phase, I tried and tested out what works for my blog and audience. I found out that my audience is more interested to know about my personal opinions and experiences, so I continued to pour my heart out in my content regarding travelling and parenting.

What's in the name? 

A lot of people ask me about the ideology behind the name Blogsikka. I write about parenting and travelling. Most of the Indian parents, drop their dreams to travel all around the world to fulfil the demands of their children. For me, travelling and exploring new places is as important as catering your kids. So, I used the word ‘Sikka’ which means ‘coin’ as a metaphor to describe the beauty of travelling and parenting side by side. 

What is your USP in this cluttered space? How does your content give you an edge?

I have just one USP and that is to be as transparent as possible with my audience. Like everyone, I have faced different experiences in my life. And, with every experience, there is learning at the end. I try to tell my readers about the real thought behind any experience because that makes it more relatable to them and they can feel connected while reading my articles. I also include tips related to parenting while travelling as I believe that the classroom doesn’t teach your kid, what a travel experience can teach. My daughter is just 7 and she knows many countries names and their flags or few capitals too.

Please take us through your content creation process. How do you stay relevant and relatable?

Generally, if a brand wants me to share a review on their products, I dip into research on those products. Then, after researching about the particular product, if I find it interesting, I try it out on myself. And, now I am convinced about whatever claimed by a brand through their products, then I share my experiences with my readers. 

I am completely straightforward and genuine with my audience. Because, in the era of 21st century, where everyone has an opinion, it is really difficult to find unbiased experiences. When it comes to travel reviews, I experience it and write how family-friendly the place is.  

How do you make moolah with your efforts?

At the end of the day, for me, moolah is something that makes me happy, content and satisfied with whatever I am doing professionally. So, whenever I share my opinions and experiences on my blog, I can see newbie parents, and a lot of working mommies appreciating my efforts and courage to speak up on the untold topics. For me, that is my moolah and that makes me happy. 

How do you maintain editorial objectivity with the influx of brand briefs?

Firstly, I tend to research the brand and their testimonials from their customers. Then I try it out, if I like it then, I recommend to my readers. Because, being a blogger, there are a lot of parents who would want to know about my experience. So, trading my real reviews for the monetary benefits is completely against my moral ethics. 

As an individual and a blogger, I have a certain way to speak out about how I feel about particular products. If the brand agrees with those terms and vice versa, then I would love to collaborate with their brand. All my sponsored posts are completely genuine and based on my personal experiences.

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One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile

I have desired a great work-life balance. I always wanted to work and feel independent while nurturing my family. But, going out for work wasn’t working out for me. To be honest, initially, it was tough to start a new profession in an all-new domain. 

Gradually when I saw my audience, fellow parents and my family liking my articles and appreciating what I do, makes every struggle worthwhile. I can’t thank enough to the warm people around me who supported me through thick and thin. My community who was actually biased and orthodox supports and appreciate my efforts among other women in the community. 

Weirdest brand brief/request ever

I got a collaboration request from a brand who was promoting some supplements which assure that it will make my skin look like glass skin, to which I said don’t promote the products which I don’t believe in.

If not blogging, you would be?

If not blogging, then I would be working as a microbiologist lecturer. I have a professional degree in this domain, so I would be pursuing it. 

A day in your life...

On weekdays, my days are completely jam-packed. Because I have to take care of my family while balancing my professional life. My typical day starts from working out in the morning, then waking up my daughter and husband. My husband and I divide the household chores so no one will feel the burden. Then, my husband leaves for the office and I try to keep a check on emails, my blogs, social media, and other incomplete tasks. 

On long weekends, we try to plan our vacations with the family. Not only it refreshes your mind but also it helps to gain a lot of experience and information about the city. 

Message/tips for upcoming bloggers

My message for the budding bloggers is to be as real as you can be. Share your personal stories. Research about your niche and audience. Try to put out the best content because, in the end, the content will be the king. You can never reach a higher or above level, without the rich quality content. 

Your Favorite Influencer

There are a bunch of influencers that I look up to. They aspire me to become the best version of myself. But, if I had to choose one, then I would choose, Aastha Maheshwari. She is a travel and lifestyle blogger from Hyderabad. I love the way she writes about her travelling experience.

The Future you foresee for your Brand

Specifically, I haven’t planned anything because it is too difficult to predict about this space. The life of a blogger is topsy turvy! All I can say that I am planning to travel more so there would be a great bunch of travel-related content will be coming up on my blog for my readers.

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