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Big Trunk Communications


do we define Big Trunk Communications?

Two things define us at Big Trunk Communications. The first is that we are not just a digital agency. We are partners who aim to herald the digital marketing mandate for our customers. Client centricity is in our DNA. Hence, our collaboration starts when business and brand goals are defined.



in the name?

Trunk is an epitome of infiniteness, intelligence and assurance. It signifies our ethos of devising the best and most cost-effective brand communication strategies for our clients.

We also sought inspiration from the elephant trunk which symbolizes both sensitivity and strength. We aim to bring the required mix of sensitivity associated with brand communications and the strength, tenacity and consistency that is a hallmark of great campaigns. At Big Trunk, we strive hard to enable the brands we manage to strike a recall around these very qualities.

What do we do?

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Media Planning & Buying
  • Social Media Marketing
  • ORM
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Creative Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • App Development

Why we do it?

When we started in 2013, Digital was just about growing and mobile was not as big as it is today. We were convinced that the penetration of mobile devices and internet would grow exponentially and drive commerce, branding, knowledge and awareness.

At Big Trunk Communications, we are very well poised to ride the` digital wave that will unfold over the next few years. We have been building capabilities over the last seven years and are all set to become a premier partner for our clients across industry verticals.

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we evolve?


have fostered a culture of entrepreneurship at Big Trunk Communications. Every

person who works at the company is motivated to take a challenge head-on, lead

the way and emerge successful. When she/he does so, the entire organization

comes together to help them succeed in their endeavor.

This culture has enabled our teams to be transparent, innovative and courageous. They break contemporary and traditional norms and strive for the distinct and original creation. Our evolution is a result of our ability to cultivate leaders. They form foundation for our growth.

Social responsibility in social media

We follow a simple rule abbreviated as LIVE. An important aspect of social media is to leverage topical trends and micro-moments. Hence, our employees are encouraged to LIVE - Learn, Identify, Validate, Execute.

Every idea is backed by learning and research. The Identified topics or ideas and the communication is Validated across multiple angles such as sensitivity, originality, and virality potential. Execution happens only post these stages. We take complete responsibility and ownership of our creatives and content to ensure that it does not impact social harmony or well-being.


need of the hour

Social media can be a boon as it can democratize growth opportunities and provide a platform for entrepreneurship and job creation. However, its lightning-fast reach can also drive misconceptions that create social discord.

Social media, data privacy etc. should fall under a clearly defined legal framework. If this is done, the good actors in the ecosystem (agencies, customers, individuals) can thrive and the bad actors (rumor mongers, fraudsters etc.) can be contained.

We learned the hard way

There are times when a prospective customer has asked for presentations, sample creatives, etc. and then gone incommunicado. It is even more painful to see that they went on to execute our campaign ideas and digital charter without having us on board.

We have had this experience more than once and have now learned to pick signals that help identify such prospects during the discussion phase itself.

Going beyond the client's brief to add value helps solidify the relationship with clients and plays a key role in accelerating growth.

They work with us

  • Phoenix Marketcity

  • Discovery Kids
  • Sbarro India
  • Zee Group
  • Sony Music
  • The Zoom Studio
  • Utkarsh Small Finance Bank
  • LendingKart


industry as we foresee

Social Media Marketing is an industry with almost no barriers to entry. It has already become a crowded space and will still see more players coming in.

Agencies that will keep the client’s business goals at the nucleus of the digital marketing charter created by them will be more successful than others.


day without Internet

Can you visualize the despair of a person who is suffering from withdrawal symptoms?

The example might be harsh but that’s exactly the misery we will experience if we must spend even a single day without the internet. The internet is the fuel that enables us to keep soaring higher.


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